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Opening Cakewalk-Cursor Blue Swirl

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3 minutes ago, scook said:

There is no need for ASIO4All if the interface has a working ASIO driver supplied by the manufacturer.

As noted above, ASIO4All can conflict with other ASIO drivers so it is best to delete it before installing other ASIO drivers.

All that needs to be done is download and install the Focusrite ASIO driver then configure CbB to use it.

WASAPI may still be useful when the Focusrite interface is not plugged in. It works with the internal sound chip and is part of the OS.

ok I get it now...you guys are so helpful!!!! I appreciate all you guys that give great effective feedback to newbies in this industry. Once my piano arrives ill give it a shot. Thank you Scook!!!ūü•į

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1 hour ago, SS said:

There are times, topics can crossover..so not sure what your intention is but i find your intention as disruptive and unneccessary drama behavior. The guys here are not stupid, they don't need to be micromanaged by you. 

I will PM you about this.

UPDATE: Never mind. I decided I really don't want to engage you in any additional discussion.  Have a nice day.

PS: Apologies to any of "the guys" who might have thought I was implying you were stupid.  I can assure you that was not my intent though I can certainly understand how my post might have been misinterpreted.  I have carefully re-read the replies to the OP (both before and after I mentioned "the other thread") and I can honestly say I don't think any of you is stupid. Peace. 

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(2) to apologize if any of "the guys" thought I thought they were stupid; (1) change of plans.

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