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Starship Krupa

Legibility, clarity of function

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I'm posting another snip from my next revisions of Racing Green and EVA 01. This time I've retooled Global>Drop and Dockbar Right.

Dockbar Left and Up and Down got the makeover but are not shown here. Elsewhere, Track View>Bus Pane Hide and Show have gotten the one big triangle treatment, as has Piano Roll>Show/Hide Controller Pane. I don't care for the tiny double triangles for opening and closing panes and I think the single larger one adds a sense of weight and sturdiness, in addition to simply being easier to see on a large high resolution monitor.

Also, for the thing we click on to get docking options, rather than having a small single arrow that points to the bottom of the screen, it's an "O" for "options," scaled up to match the big triangle to its right.

Next I'll be experimenting with single arrows in the Track Headers to see if this concept can work there.


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