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S Roy Choudhury

Cakewalk tutorial

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On 5/14/2021 at 10:28 AM, S Roy Choudhury said:

Dear Jim

Thank you for your kind words and guidance. Yes indeed, he is too generous and he himself is a sound engineer. I met with him on one of the fora like this and awestruck by his generosity.

I have been gifted Audient iD22. Are you referring the 'driver' available on their webpage for iD22 as 'firmware'?  Audient iD22 Driver Download


Secondly, could you please share the link of the tutorial from where you would want me to start?


One more request (to all members): If I understood correctly, my basic workflow is this- Recording the song on Cakewalk---->Mix (Edit)----> Export to the desired format.

Could you please tell me what steps should comprise the 'Mix' stage of the above workflow applicable in my case?


My apologies for sounding so naive, but I am rather very new in this world and still trying to chart the path.


Thanks again.

@S Roy Choudhury,  Firmware is the operating system inside the Audient ID22 hardware. Firmware defines how everything about the Audient ID22 works.  The Audient ID22 uses an automated system to verify the hardware firmware is up-to-date or update the firmware as needed.  Look at page 10 of the Audient ID22 manual for a complete description.

I suggest starting with this YouTube playlist.  The playlist is specific to Cakewalk by Bandlab.  Even though the playlist is about two years old the videos are well organized.

I'm very glad you asked the question and started the conversation.

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