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  1. Dear Jim My apologies for such a delayed response. Thank you so much for the suggestion of the tutorial playlist. I hope that in a month or tow I should be able to start using CW in a proper manner. I have also received free tutorial from Audient so I am going to attend that too.
  2. Dear Jim Thank you for your kind words and guidance. Yes indeed, he is too generous and he himself is a sound engineer. I met with him on one of the fora like this and awestruck by his generosity. I have been gifted Audient iD22. Are you referring the 'driver' available on their webpage for iD22 as 'firmware'? Audient iD22 Driver Download Secondly, could you please share the link of the tutorial from where you would want me to start? One more request (to all members): If I understood correctly, my basic workflow is this- Recording the song on Cakewalk---->Mix (Edit)----> Export to the desired format. Could you please tell me what steps should comprise the 'Mix' stage of the above workflow applicable in my case? My apologies for sounding so naive, but I am rather very new in this world and still trying to chart the path. Thanks again.
  3. Thank you for your reply Jim. I am primarily a vocalist. I use pre-recorded background music tracks to go with the vocals. Sometimes, I also play an instrument with my vocals. Another secondary use of 'audio' is recording voice-overs for my travel videos. I do all these on purely non-commercial basis and I intend to remain so in future. In short, I would like to consider myself 'very serious amateur'. I received a gift of 'Audient' audio interface and two high quality passive microphones from a very kind friend of mine who lives in the US. I must make sure that his gifts and his belief on my ability to learn this new creative endeavour does not go in vein. As I have a full-time day job I can not enroll myself in a full-time training and these online trainings are pretty costly when converted from US $ to my currency. Hence I have determined that I am going to learn the techniques of this 'trade' with the help of materials available free online like the ones shared by @Creative Sauce. I hope I have cleared my intention and capacity both. If you need any more information please feel free to ask. Thank you again.
  4. @Jim Fogle I have been going through the links you have kindly shared. As I am very new to this side of the creative world, I think following tutorials based on the old 'SONAR' interface will create a sort of steeper learning curve for me with unwanted confusion. Actually my learning, IMHO, can be broken down in two phases, period! I need to learn about the Basic Audio Production (including recording using a Audio Interface) and how Cakewalk can be my means to achieve that production. So, a basic tutorial which involves Cakewalk as a medium may turn out to be more suitable for me. Of course, my assumption may be wrong. Experienced members are requested to comment on my above thoughts. Thank you again.
  5. Thanks for this information, but it appears to be a 'paid' course. Please correct me if I am wrong. Exactly my thoughts.
  6. Thank you so much @msmcleod and @JoeGBradford. Am I allowed to post a link in this forum to the material complete for your and other members' valuable feedback?
  7. Thank you for your reply and warm welcome. I have been through some of the tutorial videos of 'Creative Sauce' channel and those are pretty good. But I am looking for more comprehensive and complete training course which would be helpful for me to learn the basics of recording and post production using Cakewalk. In case I missed something in the Creative Sauce channel, do point that out please. I have found this playlist: Cakewalk by Bandlab. Are you referring to this playlist? Could you please share the link for the above? Thank you again for your assistance.
  8. Hello friends and fellow enthusiasts I am completely new in professional audio recording arena. I do not do any recording or editing on commercial basis, and I do not intend to. I have been a serious amateur of 'vocal music' and I record at home using equipment donated by one very generous friend of mine. I have been looking for free DAWs and I was pointed by him towards Cakewalk and Pro Tools. As I have almost no knowledge of audio recording and post-production, I am eagerly looking for a free tutorial series (preferably video) to learn audio recording and post-production in Cakewalk. A tutorial which would offer me some project works for every step to practice my skills. So my aim is to become a 'non-commercial but with professional skills' as I enjoyed whatever little experience I had with the whole process of recording using an audio interface and post-production. I tried some YouTube videos, which are no doubt great, but does not give me a clear idea of the workflow I need to follow and the skills I must acquire at every step. I hope I have clarified my requirements. Still, if any further clarification is necessary, I would be happy to provide. Thank you in advance.
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