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Complete Uninstall/Reinstall Process

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I need to do a total re-install of my operating system from scratch.  Can someone help me with the process of making sure all my settings are backed up first and then how to recover them?

FYI, I was also an Sonar Platinum owner, so if I remember correctly, do I install that first and then Cakewalk by Bandlab?  Do they go in separate folders?

If there are any other hints, tips and tricks for this process please let me know.


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Hi I went through this recently as my laptop needed a complete rebuild from the ground up. I used it as the opportunity to do some major housekeeping, delete all my old 32 bit plugins, dump a lot of accumulated crap and sort out my VST folders.

I was a SPlat owner but I chose not to reinstall it - I just installed CbB instead and I find it better to be honest, there was very little in SPlat I miss apart from Dim Pro (however I had the executables for this so was able to reinstall it successfully).

For backups I did the following:

Acronis full disk backup so I could access everything off the old build.

Full data backup to Cloud as a belt and braces. 

I didn't try to preserve my settings because I hadn't customised much and as above - my DAW and VST config was a mess. Plus something was continually blue screening my system (never worked out what) so I didn't want to restore anything that reintroduced that problem.

Probably not the perspective you were after but I hope it helps.




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I rebuilt 2 computers last year and also did similar to what Andy did. I wanted fresh so cloning was not a good idea. 
I have everything backed up to a portable drive including my command Center stuff. 
I did install splat first and then CbB. 
The thing that takes the longest is VST’s. But I just installed the ones I actually use and the rest are easy to grab if I need them. 

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Unless, great care has been exercised when modifying SONAR/CbB, getting all the presets and customizations from one machine to another can be very challenging. Even when careful, the process is a chore.

I have never wiped and reinstall a machine but I have moved significantly customized versions of SONAR/CbB from one machine to another. 

In my case, it would be very difficult to migrate to a new machine without the benefit of access to the previous install.

Here are some things to consider:

  • There is an export option for plug-ins preset saved in the Cakewalk Preset Manager in the Plug-in Manager. The exports are per-plug-in.
  • There is an export option for keyboard shortcuts in preferences.
  • Things like custom templates, FX chains, CAL scripts, drum maps are saved in folders by default under the "Cakewalk Content" folder or the user folder(s) in "%appdata%\Cakewalk". Of course, these may have custom locations. This is one reason to create and use custom locations. It make migration easier.
  • If Dimension Pro and Rapture are customized the programs are under "C:\ProgramData\Cakewalk" and the samples default locations are "C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Dimension Pro\Multisamples" and "C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Rapture\MultiSamples"
  • By default, Session Drummer 3 stores everything with the plug-in.
  • Of course, there are other sample-based plug-ins bundled with SONAR.

None of this covers customizations and presets to 3rd party plug-ins.


When it comes to installing the DAWs, here is some info


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As far as feature add-ons & instruments go, a few are exclusive to Platinum only and require Platinum to be installed, so if you must install SPLAT, do it first.  

Reason for doing CbBL last is because it writes to the Shared Utility program directory that stores the ProCh module .dlls, start screen design, menu index, and all that which is mentioned already in this thread.  If you were to install SPLAT last, you would see the Sonar logo and the older menus in CWbBL, and the ProCh modules may get fussy if they are written over with outdated version.  

I am not really all the smart though so better just take the advice of the experts!

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