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Chris Boshuizen

Feature Request: Maintain Clip properties (name, color) when bouncing

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It would be great if clip colors and names were kept when bouncing. Eg, let's say I made my chorus clips yellow, and there are two of them. If I bounce them together, they revert to the default clip coloring. In this case, the already selected colors should be kept - why not? If two clips have different colors, the first one could be used. 

Same for clip names - bounce two clips together the new clip name is empty. Why not keep the first one, and append "bounced" or even concatenate the names. If the name exists in that track, maybe add a "#2" etc like FL Studio does. 

Degenerate case: select a single clip and bounce it, and the name and color is lost. This obviously shouldn't happen.

These are just two examples of areas where cakewalk works against you - in the end I'd rather not bother coloring or naming things is it's going to be constantly wiped away. 

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