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Elephant in the Room

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Elephant in the Room

I posted this song a few years ago in the old forum. I was never happy with it so I did it over and it's better now. I like the lyrics anyway.

Thanks for listening/commenting.

We all know
no one's immune
from the elephant
in the room
It's a fact of life but
we don't think about it
It's just  sort of there
At the edge a bit

Once upon a time  
There was lots of time ahead
I'll write that song
This year you said

You never got to it
Other things  to do
The time is gone
With nothing to show

Does it really matter
to write that song
something to remember me
After I'm gone

Three am
I'm staring at the ceiling
There's a whisper in my ear
The elephant is stirring

I think about my life  
Lying there awake
all that I remember
are all of my mistakes

I made a lot of choices
I dwell on them again
Playing back scenarios
Of things I cannot change

I've let some people down
Need to make amends  
But I've burned all my bridges
Never see them again

What's it all about
Something to ponder
Is there any purpose
Or nothing there I wonder

existential musings
in the daylight
sobering  reality in
blackness of night

Three am
I'm staring at the ceiling  
I catch a glimpse of something
The elephant is stirring

Gray light of morning
streams thru the blinds
the elephant retreats into
the shadows of my mind


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The lyrics are excellent - I really enjoyed reading them as I listened to the song.  A very strong effort lyrically.  As I've mentioned before, you vocal style sometimes reminds me a bit of Leonard Cohen - it worked quite nicely for this song.

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I guess we are all in agreement; a very strong lyrical effort here.



if I had some time I'd take a run at that acoustic guitar track

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