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New CHERRY AUDIO retro keyboard called "EIGHT VOICE" ( repro of Oberheim Eight Voice ) $29

aidan o driscoll

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11 hours ago, scook said:

It is the same with all the other modular synth voices .

Buy the standalones if preset convenience is important.

Of course, the host module in VM (not part of the free version) can load the standalone VST although not as flexible as the SEM

I have the Voltage Modular Core, so I just tested out the host module as I had not tried it yet. Thanks for the tip!

I can see that host module would come in handy, but after trying both demos (SEM & 8 Voice), I settled on the SEM for now. I preferred the full integration with the modular workflow.

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4 hours ago, User 905133 said:

I was under the impression that if we purchased (from the Cherry Audio Store) either the Eight Voice Instrument or the Voltage Modular version and then purchased the other of the two, there was a 20% discount on the second one. However, if you purchase them at the same time, there was no discount. 

Of course, that might have changed by now.   

Yes that is correct.

The second one drops in price for you, AFTER you have purchased the first. There is no bundle discount for buying both at the same time. Just pick one and add it to your wish list, then buy the other! :)

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For reference: I confirmed that the 20% discount for the module if you own the synth version, it doesn't depend on where you purchase the synth. After buying the virtual instrument from everyplugin and entering the purchase code at cherryaudio, the price for the Voltage module at the cherryaudio store does drop to $23.

This makes $46.33 the total price for  getting both ($24.33 at everyplugin + $23.00 at cherryaudio)

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