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Plugin Layouts Manager issue - [Solved]

Ez Tutor

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Hey guys!

I would realy like to use this feature:

It's a easy and fast way of of creating a costum plugins browser layout. Which can also be saved and imported for future Cakewlak installs.

I would like to see the changes that I make reflect in the plugins browser
Any chance this works in BandLab's CakeWalk version?

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This is available in Cakewalk by BandLab

It is one of the few reasons the plug-in manager is still included.

By default, plug-in layouts are stored in a folder the user directory. 

Cakewalk and SONAR have their own user directories.

Either copy the layouts or modify preferences as desired.

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I'm still stuck at square one.

Although I can make and save costume Layouts I can't get CakeWalk to reflect the changes.
There is no "apply" or "ok" button.

Any idea on how I can make CakeWalk's browser reflect the changes that I make?

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Yes I know where you can set it (like the video show's that I've posted on top.

The problem is that the browser won't reflect the changes that I make in the manager. 

And apart from the standard 3 views (sort by: Category, Manufacturer and plugins) my custom layout doesn't show here.

I've also saved my custom layout file to where the proper file path according to the preferences.

Has anyone managed to change save their custom folders to the point that it's also showing in the browser?

I'm thinking this feature isn't working in the Bandlab's CakeWalk version.



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8 hours ago, scook said:

Works for me

Here is an example changing from Sort by Category to a custom Categories layout with nested folders:


Thanx for showing me this, now at least i know thet I'm def. doing something wrong and that this stuff works!



8 hours ago, scook said:

Make sure the files are not compressed


Hopefully this'll solve things for me.

I'll let you guys know as soon as possible.
Thanx allot guys!

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7 hours ago, Ez Tutor said:

It's works!!

It had to do with folder contents being compressed like mentioned above.

Here's a short how to:



Thanx a lot guys!!

Hi, EZ Tutor. Please consider editing your header to mark this as Solved. Others may be trying to figure this out as well! I know I always read Solved issues. I might not be dealing with a particular issue today, but I just might tomorrow. Cheers. 

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