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No Tracks Muted but All Inaudible - Please Help =(

Richard Tuminello

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Hello all,

I am pretty new to Cakewalk but I've been having a really good time with it so far.  However, in the middle of a project, I ran into this issue.  All of a sudden, none of my tracks are playing back.  When I hit play, I can hear the metronome but nothing else.  Nor can I hear any of my instruments outside of playback.  Nothing is solo'ed currently, but if I solo a track, I am able to hear it.  Any idea what could be causing this?  I tried creating a new project and copying all of the tracks over, but I had the same issue.  Here's a screenshot:



Thank you for any help/suggestions.

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bit hard to tell from your screenshot. What might help you is to have the mix module in the control bar visible. This has a global mute/unmute and global solo/unsolo button which comes in handy if you have a track soloed or muted that you can't see.


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Glad that was the answer for you. It happens even to people who have been doing this for a while, particularly when there are a lot of tracks and busses.

For clarity, the global solo and mute buttons will light up even if only one track is soloed or muted but it is a good way to clear the decks with one button rather than scrolling through tracks.

If you go back to your first post in this thread. You should be able to edit the topic and add [Solved] to the title so that others know you are sorted.



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