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  1. But don't whatever you do, use them all on the same project, unless you are hooked into a supercomputer and even then you may want to freeze some tracks 😀
  2. Having looked into my crystal ball (the standalone version not the VST), in 2021 I will be purchasing the following; Music Production Suite 5 (and then later 6) Komplete 14 Sampletank 5 Waves CLA Ring Ripper(the curry inspired, sphincter distortion emulator) Valhalla De-Verb Oeksound Grate (adds harmonics modelled on fingernails down a blackboard) The updated Air Music Production Suite (Hybrid 4, Xpand! 3, LoomIII, Strike 3.5 and Transfuser 1.02) and finally Spitfire "Amateur Dramatic Society - band and choir editions" (available with articulations for "out of tune" and "out of time")
  3. I was originally from Adelaide in Oz but moved to UK many years ago. I live just off the High Street. As you can see my windows need replacing :D
  4. I used to get a card from Shure every year as I had an endorsement back in the day. They always went with "Season's Greetings". Seems to cover all the bases
  5. Seasons Greetings from Rochester in Kent. Next year I will spend less on plugins and more on house renovations 😀
  6. I just ran Native Access and got Amplitude 5
  7. I originally found them for their DDP maker as I was sending DDP files to production houses for CD manufacturing after mastering. Have a few of their free plugins plus system which is also good. As an aside if you are giving the comp a crack, note that most of the files load into CbB as Mono files. This I discovered, when I couldn't work out why Izotope Relay+ Visual Mixer wasn't affecting the placement correctly.
  8. 2 topics in one day? I'm on a roll! I have done this for a few years (never won owt), but it gives me something to do between Xmas and New Year when I can't move due to stuffing myself more than the turkey. Usually a cheesy Xmas song, but this year it is a cheesy Xmas Rock song! HOFA Xmas Mix Contest
  9. Your latest Sound Collective software giveaway is an enormous library of sounds and patches for ZamplerSounds’ Zampler RX workstation (also included). Normally retailing for €85 and weighing in at a whopping 11GB, Zampler RX Creative Bundle comprises eight sound banks from the Zampler catalogue, as well as the Zampler RX VST/AU plug-in instrument itself. Login to get it (need to have one of their products (no doubt it will also turn up at Focusrite) Available until February 2nd Think I need another hard drive with all this free stuff coming up!
  10. I too find it interesting when people try to sell emulations of "classic" compressors as a selling point. Being old enough to actually be around when compressors were in use, I remember the dbx 160 to be ok in the studio but flaky on tour, couldn't get on with Valley People comps, my favourite was the drawmers which don't get the same amount of love in the virtual world.
  11. My dad spent a lot of time in his shed. Used to say he was looking at some Guitar on Guitar action
  12. Wasn't sure about the Bass, Drums, Samples and Melodies mag though, but I was innocent in those days
  13. Digital is not quite the same, I remember as a lad, the illicit excitement of finding a discarded S.O.S. centrefold lying on the footpath
  14. $1,500,000 is for the perpetual licence. You can also get a subscription of $10.00/month for 12,500 years
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