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  1. I pulled the trigger (not the addictive trigger) on this one as it was £13 with my virtual cash. It will save me time as my normal workflow is to bounce my finished mix to cassette then play it on my Sony Walkman through an old gramophone speaker, record the sound on a 1950's microphone then get the result pressed to 7" Vinyl. Then all I do is play the record on my PYE entertainment centre with a 1970's Radio Shack condenser mic, placed in front of the 5" mono speaker, back into my DAW.
  2. I'se gonna WUP your GAS! or if you prefer Get ready to get your GAS WUPped!
  3. Lets hope 2022 sees the end of the pandemic. You know the one I'm talking about. The one that infects software companies with a subscription model HNY folks!
  4. Happy Birthday Lars! I hit 62 in March and am hoping it will be the first birthday I can celebrate and travel on, as the last two were in lockdown.
  5. Happy holiday season to everyone! I personally don't celebrate Xmas. Firstly as an atheist I can't believe in a god who allows his creations to kill each other and destroy the environment and one who will let corrupt dictators live opulent lives whilst innocent children die of curable diseases. Secondly I wrote a lovely letter to Santa a few years back asking for an IPhone and he got me a Windows phone the B*stard! p.s. apologies for this post entering into religious territories, it was intended to be a joke about depth and shallowness p.p.s. and apologies also to those who still believe in Santa Claus
  6. Is there a deal on the upgrade to a 12 string?
  7. worth it for De-wind alone, if I don't have to take those tablets any more
  8. I have one which I got for a spares and repairs price, the caps on the outputs had blown. Replaced them and the thing is good as gold sounds like you might have suffered from the same output capacitor problem.
  9. I constantly ask myself this question when it comes to Izotope MPS, being an owner of MPS3 Am I that sh*t at this mixing/mastering game that without the latest subscription, the end product will be rubbish? The answer has invariably been No I did this in the hardware era and still produced quality stuff, I have done this in the software era and produced quality stuff. Don't get me wrong The suite is impressive, I use Ozone a lot in addition to other plugins, but nothing here says without the pro version I cannot deliver a broadcast quality, professional result. It is the equivalent to walking on crutches before you have a leg injury just in case you have one in the future. You end up reliant on the crutches even though you don't actually need them If Izotope had released Ozone, TBC, Insight and RX as a subscription model in the first place, they would have been swamped with sign ups, but for a mature (and brilliant I must add) product suite with little headroom for improvement, the words "Cash" and "Cow" come to mind.
  10. As always, great video mate
  11. Hatstand

    I'm Baaaa-aaaack!

    Welcome back Larry!, for the last few weeks I have had to spend money on trivial things like feeding the family and buying the kids new clothes. At last I can go back to buying the important things in life
  12. Extra discount with code GROUP?
  13. Is that one of the "Voices of Wind" series?
  14. Some years ago, Larry told me to install this "free plugin" called "CC Lock". Ever since then, whenever I go to another deals page, my computer automatically shuts down, emitting a smell not dissimilar to burning bacon. It works fine again once I come back here 🤔
  15. I hear on the Kentucky forums, there is a new horse trader in town called Cowboy Larry. He is moaning about the new Equine Annual Subscription model replacing outright purchases.
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