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Using Jamstix 4 with Superior Drummer in Cakewalk

Mark A McDowell

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I have tried multiple google search terms, searched multiple times in this forum, and cannot find the steps to set up Jamstix 4 with Superior Drummer/EZDrummer/etc

Some posts have referred to inserting SD as a subhost, but I can't find any reference in the Jamstix manual to that so I suspect it was an earlier version. The videos I've seen on youtube that talk about set up refer to Jamstix 3 or earlier, which is significantly different.

I could sure use some help from the experts on this forum... 



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Not an expert but....here is something to try

  • Add Jamstix to the project
  • Add Superior Drummer to the project, set the instrument/MIDI input to Jamstix and enable input echo
  • In the Jamstix UI
    • Click on Kit
    • Load the MIDI Out template from @Special Kits 
    • To the right of the kit Load/Save buttons are two drop downs to select maps for drums and percussion.
    • Select one of the predefined maps or create your own. 

Regardless you will likely have to do some mapping either in Jamstix, the drum synth or DAW to get everything setup.


Of course, you will need to setup the rest of Jamstix, above covers how to get JS4 to talk to another drum synth.


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Thanks for the reply, scook. I don't know if there's a setting that is preventing me from seeing Jamstix as a midi source or what, but when I try to set SD's MIDI input to Jamstix, all I see from Jamstix is audio outs, but no midi out. I've tried your steps, and then tried from the Jamstix manual, but try as I might, I'm not seeing Jamstix as a midi out. I'm out of options. In Reaper, all you do is load jamstix and set it up for midi out, then load SD right below it. I've used SONAR/Cakewalk for a while, and really want to stay with it, but I'd ALSO like to be able to use Jamstix to drive SD. :(

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By default all synths that can send MIDI data including Jamstix have "Enable MIDI Output" turned on. I suppose one could confirm the setting.


After adding Jamstix to a project with an instrument or audio+MIDI track pair, it should be automatically available as an input in the drum synth instrument or MIDI track. If you see Jamstix audio output, you are looking in the wrong drop down.

Here is a video using the steps detailed above


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