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Richard Tuminello

Issues Mapping Drums for MPK mini

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Hello, cakewalk noob here trying to map the drum pads on my AKAI MPK mini for the drums built in to Cakewalk.  I created this mapping based on the numbers that pop up on the controller screen (in) and the numbers visible when you left click the instruments in the user interface (out).



I'm pretty sure the numbers I've selected from my drum pad are correct, since one of them claims to be 22, which is natively mapped to one of the hi-hat sounds, and that is the only pad which is producing any output.  However, making this drum mapping has had no effect.  I'm guessing I need to somehow select this drum map, but I just can't figure out out how to do it.  I'd really appreciate it if anyone knowledgeable about the software could help me out! 

Bonus screenshot of the main track screen.



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The images help.

The drum map manager shows a drum map with all notes routed to the first instance of TTS-1 in the project.


The track image shows

Track 1 - an audio track

Track 2 - a MIDI track

Track 3 - an instrument track w/ TTS-1 loaded (based on the label)

Track 4 - an instrument track /w some synth loaded (SI-Drums?).


When using instrument tracks usually extra MIDI tracks are not necessary.

An instrument track is a combination of a MIDI track and an audio track presenting the MIDI track input controls and the audio track output controls.


When creating/modifying a drum map for an instrument track try using the MIDI output drop down on the MIDI tab in the track inspector for the instrument track. This will automatically populate the drum map Out Port for the appropriate synth. 

Once the basic map is defined before making any changes to the note assignments often it is easiest to record a few notes from each pad on the controller. Then looking at the result in the Drum Grid Pane in the PRV make the appropriate note assignments in the map using the Note Map Pane to the left of the Drum Grid Pane. Once done with editing, save the drum map as a preset in the Drum Map Manager.



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On the left is the Track inspector showing an instrument track MIDI tab. On the right is the Piano Roll View.

The grey section containing the note names/numbers, mute and solo buttons under the PRV View menu is the Note Map Pane. The area to the right of it containing MIDI data is the Drum Map Pane.

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