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New Audio Interface and Microphone Discussion


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PCIe cards I have heard picks up too much of the PC's noise 


I just noticed this it, is not that pricy and has great frequency response, very low noise level and very low latency but only USB 2.0. 

The Steinberg UR22C which I bought is supposedly "very noisy" but it is still USB 3.0

I can't hear the noise "yet" but... 

I am going to keep it but I might buy the Tascam too just to try it out.

I have never heard of Dante... What is it?

I have an RTX 3090 and I have heard this graphics card creates a lot of noise on the PCIe bus

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MOTU M2 2x2 USB-C Audio Interface


This one is REALLY nice too!

It really all comes down to how much is USB 3.0 worth in the overall picture of things?

My Cakewalk projects are more stable with a 3.0 interface.

I am not sure if that is because of better drivers or because there is much less data glut.

I really wish I knew more about all of this...

I think I would buy the Motu one over the Tascam one...

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What your describing sounds to me like some sort of compressor problem, are there any compressors in the recording signal chain anywhere (software or hardware)? Does the audio interface have one hiding inside it?

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From what I have read and understood, the performance gain in using USB 3 over USB 2 is minimal hence why manufacturers have not all jumped onto the ship.

USB 3 does provide more power which helps if you want a USB powered interface as opposed to mains powered. AFAIK the downside of USB 2 is that the bus runs at the speed of the slowest peripheral on the bus so if you have something slower than your interface also attached, it will affect performance. If you are looking for a cheap interface, I recently bought a Behringer UMC404HD interface (USB 2) for my son, and am quite impressed

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