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Pink Floyd!!!


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13 hours ago, msmcleod said:

A Delicate Sound of Thunder is one seriously good album (although the use of the Roland JX-8P does kind of date it) - but if there was a "best of" album for Pink Floyd, that would be it.

I own all their albums and have tons of live concerts (I used to collect them).    

Honestly Pluse is the far better live show "best of" it doesn't suffer from sounding dated, the recording and performance are as good as it gets.  The shows from the Delecate Sound of Thunder era, I'd actually argue is more of a stepping stone for the band.  It paved the way for the Pulse show, and provided a vehicle for some of the respectable Momentary Sound of Reason (after the completly forgettable "the Final Cut" album and Water's departure).

That said, the complete lack of some of the masterpieces like Echoes or Pigs (three different ones) in either show means one has to venture beyond those "best of" to really get a more complete PF experience.  

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12 minutes ago, pwalpwal said:

it's often surprising what works lol

True dat.

For me music and acid very rarely went together* but on the occasions it did, it was always something unexpected. Trippy music is never any good when tripping - that's what weed is for. :)



* I'd much rather go for a walk and giggle at things, and I find it difficult to sit still when my head is exploding. 🤪

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I still find myself inspired when I go back and listen to Dark Side, Animals, Wish You Were Here, Meddle, Atom Heart, Momentary Lapse.

I'm not particularly inspired by The Wall though. Same with Final Cut. Too Waters-y, whiney.

And some others are just curiosities to me, like the Barrett stuff and really early Gilmour. Ummagumma, Relics, More, Piper, Obscured. Some moments of intensity, but often just... weird.

I don't listen to them much any more, but when I do I love them.

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