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Wells of Souls (Mebitek & Matrioshka Brain)

Claudio Melis

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Hi all,
this is my lastest collaboration with the finnish artist Matrioshka Brain


“Everything that has ever been, everything you knew and held so dear, is gone. It changed into a terrifying world made of sorrow and voices in your head. Your moves are frozen and your heavy breathing sizzles like electronic particles in the void, dancing on the cold walls of your prison. Darkness pins you down and strength of your body drains away. There is no horizon, no escape, nobody to hear your scream. Because no one else exists anymore. It vanishes into the surrounding well of despair. Once the echoes of your voice are gone, silence encircles you forever.”

C&C welcome
regards from Sardinia (and Finland)

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Very cinematic sound... to me sounds good on my Focal Trios.

To be real honest it is not my type of mind set as I couldn't put myself in imagining such scenarios and music takes me places I would like to go so to speak.  🙂
But hey,  everyone to their own and I wish you all luck with your project that is well put together.
All the best,


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2 hours ago, mebitek said:

@Wookiee really thx for your feedback andfor your support. about the mix I'm a little confused cause some people on other forums tell me that the mix si to much compressed but you and other people say that the mix is good!

Which forums?, do not forget some peeps will say somethings just to appear cleaver or "knowledgeable".  There is obviously compression on your track but that to some extent comes with the genre, but there is some dynamic range, overly compressed music has no dynamic range.  Does that help? 

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@Wookieethx so much, I did compression on my track but I pay attention using iZoptope ozone 7 and in my speakers seems good. the "heavy" compression I did I think should add some videogame flavor on the track and your feedback and your adam audio speakers give to me some positive feedback about it. thanks again!

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