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WD Portable 4 TB Hard Drive


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"Act Fast – Only 1 left at your store!"

Good luck getting one. The stock shows 1 or 2 available at every B.B. in the KC Metro area, which translates to 0 actually on hand. You can get a USB 3.0 4TB backup drive on Amazon regular price $96 and have it in 2 days.

I recently wanted to play some old Bethesda games on my PC and was looking for an older video card but PC parts are getting extremely hard to get hold of unless you pay a premium online. There is a massive PC parts store here in the KC area. Bigger than most big chain grocery stores to give you an idea of the size of the place. The shelves are empty except for Routers, cables, blank discs, misc. small stuff like drives and keyboards and mice. The only Mobo's left are high end ones, a hand full of SSD's and HDD's, and only high end video cards. I didn't see any RAM. Basically the only thing left on hand are the high end things most people can't afford. I went there because their online inventory said they had a video card I wanted. There were 3 video cards left in the entire 2 isle area designated for video cards. They said they stopped updating their website months ago because everything is flying off the shelves due to people being stuck in from the Wuflu. Everyone is on their PC's and upgrading, fixing, expanding, gaming, streaming. It's a golden age for PC parts manufacturers.

The cheapest I could find a 6 year old video card that would play a handful of old games at a reasonable frame rate is $300 used on eBay. It's crazy.

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