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1 hour ago, Hatstand said:

@Amicus717 Thanks for taking the time mate. In regards to the panning, I was trying to keep to the orthodox orchestral soundscape apart from the bass which I kept central rather than in the traditional position. A few people have mentioned the dynamics which is strange as I used very little compression apart from on the percussion bus. Will need to look at it again. Similar to you I didn't use a lot of plugins at least on the tracks. I did use two reverbs and did originally start with a more ambient space for the IR but found the overall mix lost a bit of definition.


In terms of reverb, I swear by Nimbus by Exponential Audio (now owned by iZotope). Easily the clearest, most airy and open reverb in my arsenal. I consider it one of my not-so-secret weapons. When I first tried out the Nimbus demo, I opened a few of my finished orchestral projects and swapped out the existing reverb for Nimbus, and the difference was huge and immediately noticeable. I bought the full version of Nimbus literally 10 minutes after trying the demo out. It's that good. 

As for dynamics: yeah, if you used minimal compression then it might be worth looking at the arrangement itself. One of the first things I learned (and STILL haven't mastered) is the crazy-wide dynamic range that orchestral instruments and ensembles bring to the table. I think our ears expect that sort of dynamic range when we listen to orchestral style music, so if the dynamics of the arrangement are restricted, it immediately jumps out at us. That might be what is happening in this track.

Hope you don't mind all this commentary :) -- I kinda feel I should re-emphasize that I really liked the track. Solid cinematic stuff, with some really nice elements, and I can totally see it being used in anime, or movie trailers or similar. 

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@Amicus717 funnily enough I have Nimbus but for some reason I prefer R4 might give them an a/b. Don't mind the commentary at all.

I did another mix where I dropped the choir near the end for a couple of bars and the instruments sprang to life so it could be I need to look at bringing the choir in and out to leave some space.

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