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Dan Irving

No Soft Synths in new version???

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Help! All my projects were created using an older version of CBB which had the following:

CakewalkSoundCenter (Synth Rack)
(x64)Dimension LE (Synth Rack)
Roland GrooveSynth (Synth Rack)
Rapture64LE (Synth Rack)
sfz (Synth Rack)
z3ta+ (Synth Rack)
PSYN II (Synth Rack)

My PC then died, very helpfully.  New PC and reinstalled CBB - however none of these are showing.

What can I do?  Really need them - or are there any better??  Anywhere I can go to download similar? 

Thanks to all for any advice - REALLY NEEDED!! 

Dan :) 

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None of those synths were ever bundled with CbB.

Here is the list of synths bundled with CbB.

To use old Cakewalk plug-ins, install the latest, most complete version of whatever Cakewalk product(s) you own (preferably 64bit versions) then install Cakewalk by BandLab.

If the software had a downloadable installer, Cakewalk accounts created between 2014-2017 are still online. Support@cakewalk.com can help restore access to these accounts. Otherwise, you will need to use the original install media and activation codes that were provided when you purchased and registered the software.


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scook - That makes total sense as I had X3 installed on my old pc which was superseded by CBB!  Thank you 


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