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Track... Images? Icons?



In the attached image, I've circled some doo-hickies. I thought they were called 'track icons,' but since track icons can be changed, I'm assuming those are the larger images below these doo-hickies. BUT...

What I really want to know is: what do these particular ones mean? Is there a reference somewhere that conveys this information? I've looked through the reference manual, but since I don't know what to call them, I'm not sure where to look.

Background: I've been away from Cakewalk for far too long and now I'm trying to revive some of my old projects so I can get used to things again. Trouble is, I'm using a different computer than I had last time (five years ago??) and on the old computer, I was using Sonar X3, X2, X1, Plat, etc. so a lot of the soft synth stuff is silent during playback. I've been madly installing plugins, but even after they're installed (particularly: Garritan Personal Orchestra 1, EZDrummer 1) I'm having (I think) routing issues. I'm trying to understand what the icons mean so I can get to the bottom of it.

The image:

  • the top two tracks are from a new project I set up to see how things are done automatically when adding a soft synth
  • the bottom two tracks are from one of the old projects where the soft synths don't work

Any help will be muchly appreciated.


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Synth audio track - an audio track with its input set to a synth plug-in

MIDI track

Instrument track - a combination of the two basic track types (Audio and MIDI) presenting the MIDI input controls and audio output controls. This track may be split into its underlying audio and MIDI tracks. Conversely, an audio/MIDI track pair may be merged into an instrument track.


A synth plug-in requires

  • at least one audio track and one MIDI track or
  • an instrument track

for a complete routing in a project.


Here is a video playlist of tutorials that may be helpful 



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