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a rocker, "work it out"

bats brew

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On 3/23/2019 at 10:41 AM, Lynn said:

I don't remember  this song, but I like it very much.  I like your picture, too.  Did you record your guitar through the condenser mic?  I ask because you always get the best guitar sounds.  All in all, very classic!

hey lynn!

this is off my trouble album,

you can get it here:



yes, this tune has several guitar tracks, some went thru the condenser.

some thru a 57, and some direct thru a Palmer PDI-09.

for certain levels of girth, i like the condenser (it's a shure KSM44).

thanks for listening!


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19 hours ago, Sailor55 said:

Glad you bumped this.  It's killer.  Like I've said before, I can't possibly do stuff like this but I really appreciate it.  Love the drums.

hey sailor! glad you got a chance to check it before it's gone....

drums on this one are all live. brent dacus is his name, from the D/FW area.

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On 4/9/2019 at 10:04 AM, Harry C. said:

That's a powerfull awesome rock song! Great intro, great guitars, great voices, clear mix with top sound. TOP ROCK VOCALS i like it very much.

alright harry!

glad you dig this one, i put my heart and soul into this one.




16 hours ago, DeeringAmps said:


EZDrummer on this one?
I love that snare, the whole kit really.

As always, all groupies must bow down!


I too am glad you bumped it...

hey T, 

no, these are LIVE DRUMS.

played by Brent Dacus, out of the D/FW area.


and he's bad @ss.


he asked me how to play it (he's a degreed guy, symphony, jazz, country, gig stew), and i said

"Think Neanderthal."



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