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An Urdu Song (Na Tu Aaye Gi)


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The idea behind the music was to commune between mellow sounding instruments and angry sounding electric guitars...
let me know what you guys think.... and be gentle LOL :)



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Hi @Pcode
Nice mix.  Panning and delays are great.
My personal preferance I would take the distorted guitar down a little bit in level and bring up the precussion a little more with sparkle.
I dont know what you are singing about...  is the vocal meant to be back in the mix?

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Well this is very listenable. You might pull back on that intro distorted guitar just a hair. Really awesome mix, vocals are awash in a reverb dream, yet very distinct. Killer. I think you have contrasted the smooth stuff and the rough stuff very well.


I agree with Gary, there are spots where you could bring up the percussion. Is it the same level throughout the song? Why not punch it, or program in some more fills / variation?  


Super vocals. Nice doubling, panning, rvb, delay - they are awesome.


You might want to fix the spelling on "subscribe" . . .




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