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  1. Pcode

    Aankhon Aankhon Main (2019) - By iAmad

    Thanks for the feedback Tom, we'll make some improvement in the final iteration ... "I'd also like to know what it's about! I really like hearing songs like this from other cultures . . ." I will translate the lyrics and post them,as soon as I get sometime away from work...
  2. Pcode

    Aankhon Aankhon Main (2019) - By iAmad

    The song is about longevity of love, something along the lines for lets turn these "moments" into millennia by looking into each other eyes... type 90s blue pill stuff.
  3. Pcode

    Aankhon Aankhon Main (2019) - By iAmad

    Sorry been away for a bit, music does not pay the bills here... perhaps I did, I am going to have to revisit that.... Amad
  4. Pcode

    Aankhon Aankhon Main (2019) - By iAmad

    Thanks for listening, bjornpdx, vibrato was just an experimental thing, to create variation,....and it's ok, if you don't know much about Urdu music, I don't known much about music LOL! just kidding, I am an expert when it comes to music, just not the good kind , J/K! I will check out the glitch at 1:31? and fix the "auto tune" as well, I am not a great singer, in any language I assure you that, need help now and again in pitch department...
  5. Hi Guys, I know most of the audience here, is English speaking, but here is an Urdu song, I am working on, just wanted to get some feedback from my musician friends here ... after all “music and melody” transcends languages and cultures. let me know what you guys think? Amad AKA PCODE
  6. Pcode


    this was really good, very relaxing .... and love the vocals...
  7. Pcode

    I Can See Your Light

    Nice vocals, music seems a little soft, but good vocals...
  8. Pcode

    "Secrets (of the songs and dance)"

    Good work batsbrew!
  9. Karaoke version of the song I posted earlier. https://youtu.be/4j220zTaWMA
  10. Pcode

    An Urdu Song (Na Tu Aaye Gi)

    Thanks for listening bjornpdx and thanks for feedback...
  11. Pcode

    An Urdu Song (Na Tu Aaye Gi)

    Hi garybrun, thanks for listening and thanks for the feedback...
  12. Pcode

    An Urdu Song (Na Tu Aaye Gi)

    The idea behind the music was to commune between mellow sounding instruments and angry sounding electric guitars... let me know what you guys think.... and be gentle LOL :) https://youtu.be/l2aC9U5TyJ4
  13. Pcode

    Angels (chill out music)

    😁 Thanks for listening Amicus717, and thanks for the feedback. I live with an angel ;) I made this music for her.
  14. Pcode

    Angels (chill out music)

    Wookiee: Thanks for listening, in my other composition I switch things a lot (ADD), but for this soundscape I wanted, it, to be somewhat consistent in keeping the theme. BTW how do you like your i7 8700K? as far as running soft-synths, i have an i7 7700K do you think it's worth an upgrade? Gary: Thanks for an attentive ear, and for detailed feedback, I appreciate it. Thanks for listening and thanks for the feedback. Not sure why it sounds off key, it's all done with same scale G Major, at 440 Hz tuning... Thanks for Feedback...
  15. Pcode

    Just be With You

    Nice vocals, clean pro mix as well...