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  1. Thanks for listening guys, I appreciate your feedback...
  2. Thanks, for listening, glad you liked it...
  3. Guy Michelmore ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMHG0rJtVF1LohiP63FJakw) he is a British Film /TV composer, makes great review videos on music libraries and has a series of instructional videos, some free some you have to pay for. Good work Fred's Gratis.......
  4. Pcode


    Nice vocals....
  5. Pcode

    Melody In My Mind

    I don't know who Tina Guo is, but I am going to google her... thanks for listening David... I mix using MR5 (MK2) and then, headphones for a 2nd reference, to check translation. thanks for listening woo...
  6. Pcode

    Melody In My Mind

    Actually the violin instrument used is a GUARNERI VIOLIN (it was made in Cremona Italy 17th and 18th centuries) sampled by native instruments, it is one of my new favorite instruments, beautiful realistic portamento. each note is sampled individually, and no pitch shifting. https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/cinematic/cremona-quartet Thanks for listening Allan.
  7. Pcode

    Melody In My Mind

    Thanks for listening, I just listened to this track again, need to make some fixes to the portamento violin voice, timing is of at few points. Fixed.
  8. Pcode

    Melody In My Mind

    Updated... Something I am working
  9. thanks for listening, version 2 I am going to make some improvements, to address some of the recommendations. thanks for listening. Heavyocity creates great products, I have couple of their libraries, but this is by far my favorite.
  10. Not a bad idea, I will try that, I though ending was bit flat, and chords too predictable, as for ostinato, I used heavyocity vocalise2. Amazing stuff...
  11. A SOUNDSCAPE let me know what you guys think...
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