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  1. thanks for listening, version 2 I am going to make some improvements, to address some of the recommendations. thanks for listening. Heavyocity creates great products, I have couple of their libraries, but this is by far my favorite.
  2. Not a bad idea, I will try that, I though ending was bit flat, and chords too predictable, as for ostinato, I used heavyocity vocalise2. Amazing stuff...
  3. A SOUNDSCAPE let me know what you guys think...
  4. Thanks for listning Willam.
  5. Pcode


    Nice Vocals! good work...
  6. Pcode

    Every Now and Then

    Nice work Bjornpdx, sounds good to me, nice vocals....
  7. Thanks for listening, yeah I try, to keep things simple.
  8. Pcode


    Nice work, sound good to me....
  9. Thanks for listening David. lol anxiety, that wan't the intent, but yeah G Major is an uplifting Key/Mode but yeah I do struggle with melody continuation and chord progressions and that often give me anxiety. Nigel, thanks for listening, I love your music, it always sounds, well rounded and put together.
  10. LoL does the audio sound fine now? I took the mask off when no one was around 😂
  11. sorry, updated the audio it was bit muffled ....
  12. Hi Guys, have not composed anything in a long while, so ... here is something new from the prison I call home COVID19 updated audio 8/26/2020 Amad
  13. Pcode


    love that side stick, excellent work! sounds good!
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