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  1. Thanks for listening guys, it's the D harmonic minor scale that sounds Arabic, I have no idea how to play Arabic music LOL!
  2. experimenting with different time signatures
  3. subwoofer OR 8+ inch woofer monitors required to enjoy this music.
  4. Pcode

    Deliberate Magic 🪄

    All native instrument stuff , like massive, massive x, trillian for bass and a flute from Halion Sonic 3.
  5. Pcode

    Deliberate Magic 🪄

    I agree, I am not a big electronic music fan, I like the symphonic stuff, just wanted to do something different and use my native instrument synthesizers...
  6. Pcode

    Deliberate Magic 🪄

    yeah whenever I get some free time...
  7. Pcode

    Deliberate Magic 🪄

    I agree, magic is not the right theme for this, melodic EDM is more like it. I just needed something for Youtube, plus I wanted to use my filmora video library LOL! I got for upgrading to Filmora 12.
  8. Not my usual type of music, more of an experimental kind…
  9. it's low, between 60Hz down to 20Hz...
  10. as always thanks for listening, were you able to hear the sub bass? Video is slightly out of sync with the music, I did not spend too much time editing the video, my focus is always on the music.
  11. this piece of music has sub bass and requires a 8" subwoofer to get the full experience.
  12. NI KONTAKT 7 and CINEMATIC STUDIO STRINGS, action stricks by NI and Albion One (Spitfire Audio), I bought many years ago. out of all I love css2 they are just ridiculously good.
  13. Thanks for listening Michael, I am glad you liked it.... yeah certainly not the original track lol Same.......... I love viola, cello, and bass in their true element, so soothing.... thanks for listening.
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