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  1. Pcode

    Alexander violin music

    Thanks! yes I did, it's a tailor of an old movie. Thanks you, I used "CREMONA QUARTET" by native instruments. they have some really good stuff, very realistic sounding. $400 is what I paid for it, if I remember correctly. https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/cinematic/cremona-quartet/
  2. Some violin and viola music 🎶 with some ancient rhythms.
  3. Yeah, back in the day, it was all synthesizers, samplers were kind of rare... thanks for listening Bjorn. Thanks awesome, I am glad it sounds balanced... Hey thanks for dropping in and listening...
  4. Thanks glad you like it. Thanks Thanks for listening mark this was a cover of an old PSB song from 80s/90s they use to work with Emulator + by EMU (with very advance floppy drive LOL!) I was a little kid back then, and was fascinated by the technology, that was all synth era, so I tried to use, more synth sounds, vs sampled violins. however I love violins. Thanks for listening
  5. What do you guys think? Use 1080p or 4K for play format
  6. Pcode

    language of emotions

    @David Sprouse, 1st of all thanks for listening, feedback greatly appreciated, yes perhaps some more variation, would be suitable.
  7. Pcode

    language of emotions

    I see your point Max, yes the video is not perfectly synchronized, at every scene, but to me, the tempo seemed right for the emotion. but point taken.
  8. Pcode

    language of emotions

    @kurt soderquist Thanks for the feedback Wow 2 very different viewpoints, @User 905133 you probably perceive things like I do, at least musically speaking, you get the emotionality aspect, appreciate your feedback. @Max Arwood, the idea was to underscore the “emotionality of the events”, which in this case is utter devastation at a planetary scale , convey sadness and grandeur at the same time. I see that did not resonate with your emotions, I appreciate your feedback.
  9. Pcode

    language of emotions

    Hi guys, here is something new, an epic sound track to convey emotionality of a grand situation. https://youtu.be/uKOwqLFTdj8 (select 1080p playback or higher...)
  10. Thanks for listening guys, I appreciate your feedback...
  11. Thanks, for listening, glad you liked it...
  12. Guy Michelmore ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMHG0rJtVF1LohiP63FJakw) he is a British Film /TV composer, makes great review videos on music libraries and has a series of instructional videos, some free some you have to pay for. Good work Fred's Gratis.......
  13. Pcode


    Nice vocals....
  14. Pcode

    Melody In My Mind

    I don't know who Tina Guo is, but I am going to google her... thanks for listening David... I mix using MR5 (MK2) and then, headphones for a 2nd reference, to check translation. thanks for listening woo...
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