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Lone Wolf

freddy j

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Ok --- no social observations in this song    (is that a sigh of relief that I hear?).  It is just a simple story about a cat that is not a complete loner but does enjoy some time away from the "madding crowd".  I hope that you enjoy it and maybe you might even relate a bit.  No it is not self-descriptive  -------  well, maybe just a wee fraction of a decimal place?

I had some trouble in loading this song on SoundClick but the staff were great in helping fix the problem.

As always feedback, comments, suggestions, etc. will be appreciated.





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Hi Steve!  I always try to go into a song with a specific intent---  which is on rare occasions achieved.  It was my intent to cop a feel of the 1950's definition of cool --- you know the raunchy rock, cool jazz, etc. feel.   For example:  If a building with a cafe was burning, people would normally go screaming out of the building.  A 1950's Cool Cat, would first finish his coffee, come his hair (of course), and then grab his stuff and slowly walk out of the building.  That was my intent but achievement of intent is rare for me (often going in a different direction).  Thanks very much for listening and I always appreciate your suggestions and comments.

Hi Gary!  I would love to get together with some people just to jam but most of my friends that do music are into symphonic, jazz, folk and other forms of music that leave me in the dust.  There is nothing like the person to person interaction.  The need to earn a living and 60 hour work weeks put a lid on my musical interests until I retired.  Thank you for taking the time to listen and especially for commenting.

Hey Lynn.  Thank you very much for your very kind words and encouragement. I have always found your comments and suggestions helpful my friend.  I too always look forward to the new songs that you post!!

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Hey Lone Wolf! Sing this in a bar and the young lady wolves will . . . basically . . . rip you to pieces, that's what they'd do. 

So, nevermind!  Great bluuuues tune, vocal is mixed well - I can tell you dialed the slapback back a skosh, well done.  Sounds great.

Guitars well played as per your usual.




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Hi Tom.  Will they really do that ---- wow!  It has been a really (but really) long time since I performed before an audience.   Your right, no delay/slapback/reverb.  I recorded directly without any assistance and felt absolutely naked doing it (lol).  Thanks for the kind words and the encouragement Tom!

Hi Bjorn.  You are most kind.  And when I want to view some great videos paired with excellent music I turn to Bjornpdx!  Thanks my friend.

Hey Douglas.  Thank you.  I very much appreciate the fact that you took time to listen and very much appreciate your kind comments!

Hey Daryl.  I am very glad that you enjoyed it.  Thanks for listening and taking the time to comment.  I really appreciate it!

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Hey Freddy ,

Lone Wolf was nice .

I enjoyed everything about it .

At times the sounds of Rock ' n' Roll and Rockabilly you used in Lone Wolf reminded me of the band Jeff Beck used for the DVD Jeff Beck Rock 'n' Roll Party honoring Les Paul . A lot of similarities between Lone Wolf and the sounds  and singing  of Darrel Higham  who was featured in the DVD I mentioned .

cool stuff

all the best,



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Hi Allan.  Thanks for your response and listening.  I'll check out the bass.  I always appreciate your suggestions.  Thanks again.

Hi Edd.  For me, it is always easier to do a song when you are having fun doing it and I had fun doing this one.  Thanks for the kind words and encouragement.

Hey Kenny.  I have seen clips of Beck and Higham playing together  --- in particular Jeff Beck - Daryl Higham  Rockabilly at Ronnie Scotts.  Daryl Higham is one of my favourites and anything that I might do that would remind anyone of what Daryl Higham would do is absoflippinlutely great!  Thanks Kenny -- you made my day!!!!

Hi Amiller.  Thanks very much.  I appreciate that you took the time to listen and respond!

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