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Marek Tokarcik

Cakewalk detect only 1 in and 1 out

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Lexicon has never made a good ASIO driver. I'm pretty sure it's some generic asio4all thing. You might want to purchase a proper audio interface. 

If it doesn't work under ASIO try WASAPI 

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Usually I/O is presented in pairs where

Input 1 are interface input channels 1+2

Input 3 are interface input channels 3+4

Output 1 are interface output channels 1+2

Output 3 are iinterface output channels 3+4.

and so on.


A audio track input drop down looks something like

  • Left 1
  • Right 1
  • Stereo 1
  • Left 3
  • Right 3
  • Stereo 3


Left 1 is input channel 1 on the interface

Right 1 is input channel 2 on the interface

Stereo 1 is input channels 1+2 on the interface

Left 3 is input channel 3 on the interface

Right 3 is input channel 4 on the interface

Stereo 3 is input channels 3+4 on the interface


Outputs are setup the same way.

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