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On 1/23/2021 at 2:06 PM, Brian Walton said:

So this is one of my favorite and most used themes.  I made some mods to it (not to make it "better" just more in line with how I like to work).

So thanks to @Colin Nicholls  for the Flat White Theme that inspired @John Paul Anthony Dela Cruz to create AFUI 1.5 theme that I've created a few tweaks to.  So it isn't really a new theme, just a slight variation

2021.04 compatible.

Main idea of changes that I made:

  • Remove lots of the word clutter (pro-channel, Effects, Sends, I/O, Performance, gain/pan) - where any experienced user already knows where these are.  
  • Change FX active/inactive button in track and console view.  I went for the traditional green is on, red is off type of look.
  • Adjusted the color of at least one of the faders

Just posting if anyone finds the variation interesting of an already brilliant theme created by someone else.  



AFUI 1.5 - BW Pro_2021-04.sth 613.5 kB · 0 downloads

Updated my modification of this for 2021-04 compatibility.  This has turned into my most used theme.  

AFUI 1.5 - BW Pro_2021-04.sth

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