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MDrumReplacer with 81% off


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I'm thinking I may already have something like this. XLNAudio has Addictive Trigger. Does Waves make one?  Who else?


Introducing MDrumReplacer for $35.

We are proud to announce a new plugin in our drum editing section. MDrumReplacer will fix any foul drum recording within a few seconds by replacing the drums with sounds recorded using the top-notch drum-kits. 

With MDrumReplacer no drum recording is gone for good. No matter if it‘s about bad hits, bad mics positions or you just hate the entire drumset. MDrumReplacer fixes all that in two steps. You can simply run the detector and choose a sound you want the unwanted hits to be replaced with. 

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XLNAudio Addictive Trigger is really good, 'cos it uses "Audio Fingerprints" that can include/exclude the hits your after. Like this you can even do replacement in a drum stereo mix. This works quite convincing! The only thing that's missing (like in many other so-called "intelligent" programs) is the possibility to correct invalid detection manually! 😟

In this area is the old Cakewalk stuff like Drum Replacer and AudioSnap exceptional and much better IMO. It is a pity that they do not get enough attention currently! 😆

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