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Feature Request - Have a user-defined default kit in Session Drummer

Todd Groemling

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I acknowledge that I can create a template that has Session Drummer in it with the kit I want, so that's ready to go on a track. However, there are times when I'm working on a tune and realize I've got a new idea that uses some other instruments or audio effects in the existing project. So, instead of creating a new file, and having to add all that other stuff in, I just use the file (project) I'm in and save it with a new name. However, that doesn't mean the kit in the existing project is the one I am using or want. But by allowing me to have a default kit I'd previously chosen, I just need to click insert Session Drummer and I'm good to go. 

In fact, maybe Session Drummer could show my top three kits when it's opened, then I don't have to open a folder like Acoustic and choose the kit. Instead, I just click on one of my fav drum kits showing as options when Session Drummer opens.

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