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Delays ? Delays ? Delays ?


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3 minutes ago, telecode 101 said:

I may be in the minority, but I quite like the Fulltone SSTE in  AT 4. Its more of an echo. I can't find a way to make that thing sound bad.  It maybe also just my own personal preferences to sounds.

I am looking to up my game and start getting into Fabfilter. Just can't justify the cost yet.


No homie it sounds superb , problem being it's in AT , i want delay simple but deep for vocals ect ...

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2 hours ago, Zo said:

great ?

I'd say it is worth testing.  It has the basic interface and also hidden tweaks when you want to go deeper.  


No ilok or crippling license scheme either.  


Wish it did "binson" but covers a lot of other types pretty well and not a resource hog.


But the soundtoy you already have, assuming the full version, covers a lot of ground already.

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i have the lexicon delay as well but never used it , it's a pain to tweak .... 

Basically the one i used to love was the tc electronic in their powercore platform ..

The waves tap : i love the concept and guy , lacks mojo and interface is super small (still on v9) , when using it , i combine fileter and rive but it's not fast 

Echoboy Jr : i love it  , i prefer using it instead of echoboy full .... i think you guyz understand what i'm saying , interface and features ...sounds is not all for me ... specially for a delay where tweaking and creativity is key ......

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6 minutes ago, Eusebio Rufian-Zilbermann said:

D16 Sigmund is fun (if you didn't already get it when it was the Beat Magazine freebie)

I have it  lol hate the interface (it was a nfr) don't kill me guyz lol

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Hi Zo,

You have a solid collection sound-wise that covers clean and creative effects. Is it a mix of sound quality, flexibility, and ease of use that nothing has hit so far?

For the ones you inquired about:

  • Vahallla - I really like this one, the company, their no-nonsense pricing, etc. and when I get around to reworking my DAW template it'll be the one on the buses. It has a clean, consistent interface, makes it easy to switch between modes and adjust important parameters, has intuitive tooltips for the params that differ between modes, and IMO fits your "simple but deep" request. Have you been able to try the demo? Hopefully nothing's wrong there because it doesn't involve any DRM or anything.
  • Arturia: I don't have this one but if you're looking for one delay that does it all with a single interface, keep in mind these are separate, purpose-built plugins (memoryman, roland space echo, more general modern delay) and sound-wise there will be overlap with other modeled delays like SoundToys.
    Upsell: note that while this is $99 for three delays, their new FX collection is on sale for $199 and includes the delays, plus the three-packs of filters, pres, reverbs, and comps too--15 total plugins. 
    JRRShop has everything on one page, but no further discount
  • McDsp Delays - I don't have it, looks interesting, again there might be overlap with SoundToys as a modeling delay.

Some that I haven't used but might fit into 

  • Russ mentioned Melda MTurboDelay - I technically have this one courtesy of a lifetime-updating fx bundle, but haven't tried it. I like Melda stuff and appreciate their functional and consistent GUI but a lot of people really, really seem to dislike their GUI, so if that's been a sticking point for you on other delays, this may not be better :). But I agree with Russ that it's really wide-ranging.
  • If you like the approach of Waves SuperTap but not some of the implementation, there are delays like PSP 608 which let you do things per-tap.
  • You mentioned Timeless by FabFilter and say the interface was a blocker; my understanding is FabFilter does have unique-looking interfaces but their fans say they are very well thought-out in terms of balancing power and ease-of-use once you get past a short, but present, learning curve. I'm really only familiar with Pro-Q and that's the case there. Surprisingly I don't hear too much about this one as much as their EQ and Limiter.

I generally use Valhalla, H-Delay, Soundtoys, and even stock plugins.

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5 hours ago, Zo said:

Watched video on lemon basically it's a regular dealy with samples of the Freq and harmonic response ...not impressed at all lol but i might be wrong ...feel free to correct me guyz ....

Testing arturia ones , the roland is nowhere near the IK or audiothing but the 2 others are pretty great and fast / powerfull the bundle at 99 migght be worth the delays and comp !! (the retro comp is what stands out from those comp emu's ) , still never tried the MCDsp !!

I think Lemon sounds the best out of all my delays as it’s sampled from actual hardware instead of emulated. Problem is it’s not very fun to work with, has a tendency to freak out on minor tweaks and its not friendly to being automated.

fun and amazing delay is Wavesfactory Echo Cat without doubt

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50 minutes ago, Piotr said:

also repeater from d16 is pretty great and straight forward about gui

Agreed. I find I use Repeater quite often, despite having a bunch of other ones (and not taking anything away from Echoboy, which is awesome). 

For more creative delay, stuff that's hard to do with other plugins, I like to fiddle with the PSP 608 MD; UA's Sandman Pro can also get crazy, fast. 

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