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Releasing unwanted Synth plug-ins from Project [SOLVED]

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How do I get rid of a Synth Plug-in loading I no longer need to be in a project. (mainly to save DAW resource) 

In this instance I'm talking about Addictive Drummer 2 and this is the scenario

1. Use midi to 'play AD2' into Project as Audio 

2. Now I have all my audio drum tracks I no longer need to load AD2

3. Delete the midi track and all the previous tracks that were pointing to record from AD2 all show as audio tracks

So now when I save and load the project - I notice that it still loads AD2 even though I'm no longer using it. 

How do I stop it loading? 


It's not a show stopper by any means, but I'm just curious how to release that Synth from the project. 

Stay safe peeps. 

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To keep synths in the project and release the resources used by them disconnect the synths.

This may be done using the synth rack menu (D) when the synth rack is docked


or the power button (A in the undocked image below)next to the synth entry in the synth rack if the rack is undocked


This happens automatically when a synth is frozen.

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