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The ANNUAL Post Your BF Bounty Thread!


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I was asymptomatic until yesterday then GAS symptoms made themselves plain. I tried to self Isolate from this thread and TTF's listing but to no avail.

Picked Up Loopcloud 3 months for £3 and got the free Bassmaster plugin, picked up Vacuum classic for £9 and got free Drumazon, Picked up Oxford Inflator for £34 and got free Mixmasters Animate and then picked up Slate Fresh Air. Hoping Melodyne change their minds on cyber Monday on the v4 studio upgrade. If not might pick up an interface from Focusrite for my son as a Xmas present

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17 hours ago, Magic Russ said:

Bought all of the $10 EZKeys MIDI packs.


I had forgot about those. I went back and got the Songwriters and Fusion pks. Thanks Russ. 

15 hours ago, Zargg said:

I got UAD Manley Vari-Mu

So did I!!!

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My list is long so I have categorized it

1) The "I prepared this wants list before BF"

  • XLN XO (audiodeluxe had the best deal after considering bucks)
  • Spectralayers upg to 7 (from Steinberg)
  • Soundforge 13 (I was waiting to see what Magix would offer, in the end their deals weren't interesting enough so I got the "cclarry special")
  • Audiority Echoes T7E (from pluginboutique)

2) The "I would have bought them anyway sooner or later"

  • AAS Chromaphone 3 (from dontcrack)
  • Virtual Bassist upgrade to v2 (from JRRShop, I thought it was a 3-to-3 upgrade and I got the very pleasant surprise that it was 3-to-4)
  • Orb Producer Suite
  • DDMF LP10 (from JRRShop, nice to see them there, DDMF has some really useful plugins)
  • Harrison AVA bundle

3) The "maybe I should stop subscribing to deals emails and reading this forum"

  • Samples From Mars complete bundle
  • Virharmonic Choral bundle
  • OpZilla
  • Sampletekk pianos, organs & flutes (various purchases, from APD & Sampletekk directly)
  • Gain Match
  • Ina GRM Creative bundle

4) The "Freebies, which I would have missed if not for this forum and the deals emails"

  • CLA Echosphere
  • Surrealistic MG-1
  • Quadravox
  • Animate
  • NOS Audio Roomer
  • Slate Fresh Air
  • Shortnoise 1
  • RA Granulat
  • Audiothing SR-88
  • Sonixinema Medicine man
  • One Man Tribe HandPan
  • Entertaining mp3 song from ZincT

5) The "they were on my list but I already spent too much, I'll leave them for some other time"

  • Magix upgrades (Acid, Vegas, Samplitude)
  • Arturia V Collection upg and FX Collection crossgrade
  • Cherry Year One collection
  • Reason upgrade
  • Presonus Upgrade
  • Realivox
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Since I really did not find my specific wish (ProTools Upgrade Perpetual to Ultimate Perpetual), all I really got was a $149 upgrade to the UAD Neve Complete Collection. Which now gave me a $25 coupon good until 28 Dec 2020. Not sure I will use it though since I have very little else from UAD that I'm craving where $25 will make a serious dent. In fact I'm craving very little from them these days.

Not a BF deal but I did subscribe to a year of the full Kush audio suite for $99.

I did get a Riffendium loyalty offer for $58 from AudioPluginDeals, so I took them up on that. Got packs 4,5,6 and the bass pack brought me up to owning the entire Riffendium suite.



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On 11/25/2020 at 10:40 AM, Marc Cormier said:

Got the Samsung QVO 860 SSD for $100 and that other 500Mb SSD that was discussed as a system drive for $50.  Now I can focus on not buying software.  Yeah, right.

I have to turn off my computer tomorrow.  It will be tough learning about any killer Cyber Monday deals after the fact but I'm tapped out:

1. Got the drives mentioned above

2. AT5 update

3. Orb Producer Suite

4. Ownhammer IRs

5. The usual freebies (thanks, Larry!)


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1 hour ago, Marc Cormier said:

It will be tough learning about any killer Cyber Monday deals after the fact but I'm tapped out:

Yeah. I am almost there. This was the best BF in a while for me. So much so I forgot about Cyber Monday!!

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1 minute ago, Matthew Sorrels said:

Awesome.  And sad.  Before I posted I went to the the APD Shop and by brands Audioifier and it's not listed there (nor is the complete bundle) so I figured it wasn't in the shop.

Right...they're pretty "all over" with where the products are in that Menu system!

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Ok, the Bounty for this year...

GENEROSITY of many of you here in this forum, this is where my Black Friday landed...and I can tell you,
without a question, right now, it has been THE ABSOLUTE BEST BLACK FRIDAY EVER, barring NONE!

Here are the items that were at the TOP of my list:

Studio One 5 Upgrade w/FREE Chris Hein Chromatic Harmonica - $98 at Best Service (THIS was my only "Must have" BF Item)
Virharmonic Choral Bundle $99 ($700 value) (way too good of a deal to pass up!)
SoundIron Insane Bundle $99 minus $10 coupon = $89 ($650 Value) at APD (way too good of a deal to pass up!)

The Rest of These are all "Icing on the Cake-walk" (see what I did there?)

Loom II $1.59  at Best Service
Corel Video Studio Ulimate 2020 $26.49 75% off at Corel
Synthmaster Player $5 at Plugin Boutique (already had the free version but it wasn't good for upgrades) 
Rigid Audio Loops Bundle - $6 at Plugin Boutique (had Rewards)
Rigid Audio Drums and Wavetables Bundle - $15 at Rigid Audio
SoundSpot Evade for $3 at Plugin Boutique

Black Friday Items Received for Free

There was a plethora of Free Stuff this year, and we're quite fortunate about that!

Free Udemy Course - Music Composition - Guidelines for a Professional Sound
IK T-Racks EQual FREE from Bedroom Producers Blog
Preparato Piano LIte FREE 
CLA Echosphere from Waves FREE
Slate Fresh Air from Slate Digital FREE
Slate FG-2A from Slate Digital FREE (AA)
Synare From Mars from Sounds from Mars FREE
Cherry Audio Surrealistic MG-1 Synth FREE
D16 Drumazon FREE from Plugin Boutique w/purchase
Eventide Quadrovox FREE from Plugin Boutique w/purchase
Master the Mix Animate FREE from Plugin Boutique w/purchase
Cymatics Memories FREE w/ a lot of other freebies
Noizefield Warrior FREE from Noizefield

And all of that is FAR MORE than I ever imagined I'd be able to get!

And, from henceforth, unless it's FREE, I ain't gettin' it!  This party is over,
and it was a GOOD ONE!!!  And I'll most assuredly enjoy the "Hangover"!
Have a LOT to dig into now!

And, most importantly, I am TRULY and HONESTLY blessed to dwell here,
amongst the giants!

So I graciously bow to you all, and am humbled to be able to serve you all 
in your quest to "make music", Enjoy it, and do it as cheaply as possible,
and to be of any help that I can, when I can!!!

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Offhand, here's what I recall purchasing this weekend:

- Beautiful Void Audio - A synth library, I forgot the name
- IamLamprey - Some really cool sample libraries from a very creative independent developer
- Izotope Excalibur - multi-effect
- Frozen Plain Artic Strings
- SampleTekk - various upgrades to my old piano libraries and a couple of new pianos
- Sample Fuel - various synth libraries
- Sospiro Strings Ben Osterhouse - maybe the best deal of all this year. A beautiful KONTAKT sample library featuring bass, cello, viola and violin for under $35 USD. 
- Sound Dust Flutter Dust 
- Splash Sound upright piano library
- Synthmaster One
- Miscellaneous small libraries and synth patches from independent developers at Loot Audio and elsewhere 

Not for me, but I bought my teenage son a gaming PC, which I'm also going to install Cakewalk, Reason Lite (which I picked up at Plugin Boutique for free, and various VSTs and sample libraries for him when it gets here tomorrow.  

I'm contemplating whether or not to upgrade to the latest versions of Melodyne Studio and Studio One Pro (opinions of users is welcomed).

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On 11/29/2020 at 8:40 AM, Grem said:

I had forgot about those. I went back and got the Songwriters and Fusion pks.

I got those two as the BF specials for MIDI at Toontrack as well at $10 each, as well as Americana EZX for $20.

Also grabbed EZKeys Upright Piano for $39, along with Americana and Piano Pop EZKeys MIDI for $10 each.

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On 11/29/2020 at 9:47 AM, Sander Verstraten said:

Managed to get Ableton Live upgrade from Lite for $ 232 at Best Service. 

teetering on the edge of doing this, suite 9 to suite 10 plus free suite 11 for 175 EUR, not sure my wife would approve 🙄

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