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Changing start and end times for arranger sections

Patrick Azzarello


Arranger seems like a great feature - especially when wanting to move multiple tracks.

However, in trying to use Arranger, I'm finding it a bit difficult to use without the ability to enter specific start and stop points for each arranger section.

Here's an example: 

Live Band Recording (rehearsal) has a bunch of songs in it.

Step 1: I create arranger sections for each song. Because it's not sync'd to measure lines, it's hard to find the right start / stop points . I've used Markers to some extend and this has helped, but not completely.

Step 2: We  have segues between many of the songs. In some cases the band (like most bands) goes through fits and spurts , starting and stopping to get the segues right. I now want to adjust the and add additional Arranger sections, and then remove the "stops & starts" to be able to use the Arranger sections to merge them together.

Is the only way to do this really to use Markers? Any other ideas? 


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