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Sonitus - Not saving new presets [SOLVED]


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I'm struggling to save my own presets in the Sonitus fx products, I think they are stored in Registry settings so not easy able find in file manager,

for eg:- When using the Sonitus Compressor, I try and save using the  

'Preset->Preset Manager-> Add-> (new preset name+bank)-> Save 

It is then listed in the Bank  - but as soon as you delete the Compressor, then re-open it, the preset you have just 'saved' has gone. 

Anyone know why - please? 


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From memory, it's a permissions issue with UAC, because the files are saved in a Program Files subfolder.  You either need to run as admin (try not to!) or use the drop-down menu at the top of the window to save presets.

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I don't run CbB as administrator

While I use Sontius plug-ins I have not saved a preset in some time.

I just tried using the Sonitus Compressor and although it added the present and bank during the session it did not persist to the next session.


In order to save the preset to

C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Shared Plugins\FxCompressorDX.ini

I modified the permissions on the file by

  • right-clicking the file
  • opening Properties on the context menu
  • adding Write for Users




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