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Arranger track within PRV

Josh Wolfer

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There have been major improvements to Cakewalk lately. The Arranger and now Articulation Maps is INCREDIBLE. but, I can't stress this enough: 

Having an arranger track that is not visible within the PRV window is a seriously downside. Especially if I want to use an arranger track essentially as a chord track. I've mentioned this before, but I'm posting it again, since the latest version still lacks it. 

This would drastically improve the usability of the arranger track for composers. 

Even if I use PRV docked in the multi-dock and don't maximize it, it doesn't line up with the track view, making that not a workable work around. 

Please, Please, Please implement the option to turn on the arranger track in the PRV.

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1 hour ago, Base 57 said:

This would be very helpful. An Arranger track display for the Staff View wouldn't hurt either.

In the meantime, have you tried the Inline PRV?

I wasn't aware of the Inline PRV, so thank you for that. For everyone else, you get to it by changing your track filter to "notes". Unfortunately, this isn't a great workaround for me for a few reasons

  • I'm doing a lot with midi CC automation as well and it doesn't appear that you can lanes for CC / velocities.  
  • I'd hate to have to maximize random midi tracks regular in order to see the notes well.
  • I'm doing a bit of scoring and I really need to see groups of midi notes from other tracks to see where harmonic structure lies between multiple instruments. 

But that was a good suggestion. I appreciate it. 

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