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Fred's Gratis Scores

Cosmic Explorer: Return To The Blue Planet

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Finally, after weeks of online training and rebuilding my orchestral template, here is the third and final installment in a space series initially inspired by @Kevin Perry's Aftermath of Colliding Neutron Stars...

Cosmic Explorer: Return To The Blue Planet by Fred's Gratis Scores

Third in the Cosmic Explorer space series, bringing the voyagers back home from space through the plasma into reentry and falling towards earth where the parachutes open and the craft triumphantly splashes down.

CC-BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
This piece is licensed under Creative Commons - Attribution (CC-BY). You can download, use in your playlists, use in your videos, and create directive works both commercially and non-commercially. Have fun!

Download available on SoundCloud.
Stems available at on BandLab.

Instruments used in this piece:
- cinesamples CineWinds
- cinesamples CineBrass
- ProjectSam Free Orchestra
- Spitfire Originals Cinematic Percussion
- Spitfire Albion ONE
- Spitfire Audio BBC Orchestra Discover
- SONiVOX Big Bang Orchestral Percussion
- Spitfire Labs Moon Guitar
- Spitfire Labs Dulcimer
- Native Instruments Noire
- SoundIron Requiem Lite
- Audio Imperia Nucleus Lite Edition
- cinesamples CineStrings

* Earth and Reentry photos curtesy NASA.


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