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  1. Kevin Perry

    Isn't It About Time To Focus?

  2. Kevin Perry

    plugin sorting menu behavior changes

    It's possible to disable the recent behaviour (which I can't see any benefit of having) by restricting registry key permissions.
  3. Kevin Perry

    Enabling & Desabling tracks? (resp: Archive)

    I'm still waiting for it to make me my tea in the morning.
  4. Kevin Perry

    VST Synth Settings Problems

    For what it's worth, after reading this thread, I checked a 32 bit plug-in (MHC's Ambient Keys) which has the same problem - in both 32 bit and 64 bit SONAR/CbB - the preset changes to preset #1 (counting from #0 in the plug-in's preset list). Using the demo version of jBridge resolves the issue. Interestingly, though, it has the same issue in my quick'n'dirty 32 bit VST checker Chainer and Samplitude. So it looks like some vagary in the VST spec that many hosts (and bridges) don't deal with in the way all plug-ins expect, but jBridge does. Maybe this will help the Bakers work out the issue (perhaps the same happens with the internal VST handling in CbB too for 64 bit plug-ins).
  5. Kevin Perry

    The Big Question !

    Not related to DAW performance as such, but Intel Hyperthreading is now recommended disabled for security reasons. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/05/14/intel_hyper_threading_mitigations/
  6. Kevin Perry

    VeeSeeVST Rack now works in CbB

    I can get it working if in C:\VeeSeeVST but nowhere deeper so far (on 2 machines). Crashes VSTScan hard on my DAW, simply doesn't get scanned properly on my work machine. UPDATE: Confirmed on my DAW that any folder below C:\ (or, I assume, another root) crashes the VSTScan. C:\VeeSeeVST and it works fine. That inspires me with little confidence in the quality of the software, which is a pity as it's *FUN*.
  7. Kevin Perry

    Is Cakewalk gaining users/popularity with Bandlab?

    I see what you did there :-)
  8. Kevin Perry

    VeeSeeVST Rack now works in CbB

    That's what I used too (and I too renamed vst2_bin). I'll try on my other PC sometime tomorrow.
  9. Kevin Perry

    VeeSeeVST Rack now works in CbB

    Not here it doesn't work - VST scan hangs for ages on the _effect dll and never seems to complete its scan.
  10. Kevin Perry

    Follow-Up to My Windows 10 Comments - I Spoke Too Soon!

    Related? https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/04/24/windows_10_may_2019_update_block/
  11. Kevin Perry

    Helpful Utility: USB Device Tree Viewer

    Device manager does - you need to change the view type to "devices by connection" (or similar -not at PC right now).
  12. Kevin Perry


    Given the vagaries of the VST specification, it's not at all impossible that CbB calls various VST APIs in a different order to (some) other hosts. And some plug-ins expect one order, and others another, and a third kind don't mind...
  13. Kevin Perry

    Only 5 available shortcuts

    Alt-F4? :-)
  14. Kevin Perry

    hangs on "Creating UI"

    Having had those BSOD errors for a while (Windows 7), I found out that it was my video card (NVidia) causing them. But it wasn't the drivers or the hardware, rather the card had worked itself slightly loose in the PCIe slot! I unscrewed it, reseated it and it was fine...until it happened again. Did the same thing again and it's OK - I think there's a heating/cooling cycle that makes this happen in my case (pun unintended). That may not be what's happening in yours, but I'd look at the video card rather than anything else.
  15. Kevin Perry

    Key Bindings?

    There used to be a limit of 30 or so "do nothings" and SONAR would crash. That does seem to have been increased if not removed.