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  1. Or sustain pedal?
  2. I've seen a development request with a hand-drawn sketch and the immortal words "like this, but better".
  3. Same here with Melodyne - that said, Melodyne behaves the same (slow startup) in Sound Forge, so I don't think it's Cakewalk specific.
  4. OK, so try this... Same file Search for DriverType= Set its value to 2 (ASIO)
  5. It was suggested on another thread that this might be due to Ozone's copy-protection. Are you using machine authentication rather than iLok, and don't have any iLok authenticated products on youe system? If so, then I think this *might* be the issue - I get the same with Melodyne. See below for details and way to check it.
  6. It doesn't - I tried last night. Sorry 😞 I tried adding a DisableWDM entry just in case it also worked - no dice. Fortunately, WDM works for me in Windows 10/Project5, and if it didn't, my MOTU driver exposes a setting "Use WaveRT for Windows audio" (or similar - not at my PC right now) which bizarrely disables WDM in Project 5!
  7. I have it switched on (nVidia GT1030) and it works OK with Cakewalk - doesn't make an obvious good or bad difference in anything I use to be honest.
  8. Graphic design that uses fonts still seems to be a Mac stronghold in my (current) experience.
  9. I can't see as the Simple Instrument Track (SIT) doesn't display MIDI input, but my guess is that its MIDI track is either not configured to use the virtual keyboard as its input or the note range is wrong (do you get any MIDI recorded at all on the SIT track?).
  10. The controller is either an external MIDI controller or the virtual keyboard you have open. The bar at the top of the screen is the *control bar*.
  11. Reminds me of French school children's bags from the 80's 🙂
  12. Try this Try this (not sure if it works): C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Cakewalk\Project5v2_5 Edit project5.ini (notepad) Search for DisableDSound Set it =1 if it exists, else add it ie. DisableDSound=1
  13. Please no: folders are for visual/organisational purposes. For example, I have a Vocal folder in a lot of my projects: some tracks in it will route to the lead vocal bus, some to the backing vocal bus. Having to have 2 folders (or, maybe even one track outside a folder if there's only one lead/backing vocal) would be irritating to put it mildly.
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