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  1. Sorry - bounce to split and then delete onetrack.
  2. Or delete one track and center pan the other.
  3. I think it may depend on the plug-ins... I inserted an audio track and then a mono audio clip into the track. I added two plug-ins to the FX bin: first, the old Cakewalk Mono Delay, followed by the Sonitus Delay. I made the Mono Delay 100% dry (so uneffected in practice) and select the "Going going gone" preset in the Sonitus. The Mono Delay has a single pin coming from it, the Sonitus Delay has two - as expected. Whether the track interleave is mono or stereo, I get the delay bouncing between the 2 speakers. It doesn't matter if I set the track interleave to mono or stereo - the result is the same. That's not to say there isn't an issue in CbB's handling of mono (I think there is - some mono plugins (eg. UAD?) perform better on mono tracks in other DAWs, but all CbB's tracks are, as far as I understand, stereo behind the scenes so this advantage is never gained - but it's not totally broken in this instance). Update: Cakewalk Mono Delay followed by Nomad Factory Tempo Delay and the result is mono; followed by the old Project 5 (rebadged in a latter SONAR) Tempo Delay, stereo; 32 bit bridged Kjaerhus Delay, mono; Melda flanger (64 bit VST3), mono. I'm seeing a pattern here. My deduction is that it works as per Reaper (logically?) with DirectX effects, but not with VST ones.
  4. Is this the "10 second delay on opening Melodyne for the first time"? If so, yes, it's definitely a thing (and tied into authorisation in the widest sense of the word - also happens on scanning it as a plugin), but subsequent uses within the same CbB session open OK.
  5. What sample rate are you running at? From memory' TTS1 had issues at some rates.
  6. I have an Ultralite Mk 3 hybrid - occasionally (and this goes back over 2 systems, Windows 7 and Windows 10), it won't connect to USB on power-up, but a power cycle always fixes it. Otherwise, rock-solid. I've just moved it to the new system (Windows 10/Ryzen 2600) and it's even happy plugged into a USB 3.1 socket, which pleasantly surprised me.
  7. P5 worked for me under 64 bit Windows 7 and now under 64 bit Windows 10.
  8. Yes but...one of the issues I have with the existing implementation is that widgets in the TV don't align between tracks in folders and tracks outside folders. You may think that's being picky, but in terms of visual clarity (and efficiency in moving the mouse), it's important - this would only get worse with nested folders. How would (any of) you suggest handling this to make it visually clear which widgets are the same ones in the different folder levels?
  9. Or Alt-left click where you want to split.
  10. It's likely that one of the "big" (like 1903) Windows updates changes relevant settings - you'd probably previously changed the setting that shawker mentioned and 1903 reset it.
  11. Is that the one that stops my tunes making me vast amounts of money and fame?
  12. What happens if you drag the VSTi into a track's FX bin rather than the synth rack? Some synths (eg. Pentagon) do expose their inputs in this way (Pentagon works as a vocoder if you so).
  13. That was close to my conclusion too :-( Thanks
  14. Canopus - do you have any idea (post-09 update) how to change the colour of the text appearing on top of MIDI notes in the PRV? I have the unenviable position of dark grey on black (or similar) so the new feature is pretty useless for me.
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