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  1. nVidia video card?
  2. Melodyne not installed/licensed correctly on the second?
  3. Given everything I've read on this seems to be relative gibberish and/or doesn't answer what I consider to be sensible questions... I'm looking for some (wireless-in-some-shape-or-form speakers - as in, music on a device that we can "cast" to one or more speakers in different rooms. Sonos is the "obvious" path to go down, but I know they've been somewhat crap in the past (support, obsolescence etc), and I'm also not sure they do what I want. Requirements: - No need to dock a device (we want to be able to continue using phone/tablet while it's playing music) hence wireless requirement - Doesn't use Alexa/Siri - Can play back from our extensive already ripped mp3 collection without needing to fiddle-faddle around with a new service and/or re-buy things - Not tied to one/very few streaming services (we don't have Spotify etc, but might want to) - Comparatively easy to set up (I was reading some guides on using airplay and it seems like a nightmare) Any suggestions/advice with reasoning?
  4. There's one - sofar unmentioned as far as I can tell - side-effect of disabling "Always Stream Audio Through FX". If you have a delay/reverb on a clip/track/bus, the tail is not played once playback stops. This is especially noticeable if there's an effect on the last clip (the end of the last clip usually signifiies the end of playback, so you would need to extend with silence or put an envelope node after the end of the clip).
  5. I have now had Copacabana in my head on a loop since this thread. I don't dislike it (I remember it quite fondly from my childhood), but for 4 days now???? I hate you 🙂
  6. https://www.theregister.com/2021/07/26/dell_energy_pcs/ is what I was just reading about it.
  7. Of course wav (and other audio format) files can work by dragging them into the track view in Cakewalk - you don't *need* a sampler VSTi to play them (it does help though). This sounds like a classic UAC/privilege escalation issue, where you're running Cakewalk as Administrator, and dragging from explorer/desktop which is running as your normal user - Windows doesn't permit this by default (for security reasons). You should never need to run Cakewalk as Administrator, so that would be the first thing I'd check - and turn it off if you are.
  8. Those are MIDI (velocity?) levels, so you need to split the simple instrument track(s) and show the TTS' audio track in the console.
  9. This is probably the iLok issue I've reported here and to Celemony (zero response). Even if Melodyne is serial number validated, unless you have iLok installed on your machine (it can be doing nothing apart from having the service running), the initial analysis is slow (it's a fixed 11 seconds overhead from memory - obviously it's sitting waiting for a timeout from the iLok driver before trying alternative methods - poor design IMHO).
  10. I've tried a few (256 sample buffer FWIW) with no obvious clicks or other glitches (that's using the built-in BitBridge). So not repeatable here, I'm afraid.
  11. Can you also not use an Articulation Map so it's clearer and you can create per FX/instrument ones?
  12. I don't have those but can try with some I do.
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