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  1. As luck would have it...Blue Cat Audio have just released a plug-in that allows you to game the DAW to achieve this). Note that I haven't tried it, but it is a use case in their manual. https://www.bluecataudio.com/Products/Product_Connector/
  2. Kevin Perry

    TH-U Rockguy

    I succumbed (I love the Def Leppard clean chorus sound) and it is pretty authentic from my initial play with it.
  3. Kevin Perry

    TH-U Rockguy

    You joke, but I'd actually like to be able to model my POD Pro (there's one amp/speaker combination I just can't seem to get with anything else).
  4. Some of the Nomad plugins are very useful, but there are a LOT of EQs and compressors...
  5. Doesn't turn itself back on here, and hasn't for 2 years since I installed Windows 10. But I think I may have killed it via Policy Editor.
  6. I did change the bass guitar FX (the original was done in 32 bit SONAR with ReValver, which I don't have in 64 bit CbB, so I bit the bullet and changed the amp/cab/FX chain). With regards to the vocals, I think it could actually be quieter, or at least the rhythm guitar could be louder than it is now (so vocals seem quieter), so I think it's probably about right for the style 🙂
  7. Agree entirely with @Mark MoreThan-Shaw
  8. I took note of some of your comments and did a remix (actually quite a lot of a remix in the end): https://www.bandlab.com/xoospacemusic/state-of-emergency-2021-664e87bd?revId=8bc486cc-2873-ec11-94f6-a04a5e79a6b8
  9. You wouldn't happen to be running a USB2 audio interface on a USB3 port, would you? If I do that (MOTU Ultralite/Ryzen/Windows 10), I get genuine wow and flutter on playback sometimes even with no obvious DPC latency or CPU issues - move it to a USB2 port and it's solid as a rock (famous last words!). Not identical, but not a million miles way from what you see.
  10. +1 And/or allow just one lane to be zoomed at a time (ie. they don't all have to grow simultaneously).
  11. I could remember that, the "Beast" and the "Slayers", and the cyclops dying. Everything else was a blur. Thankfully 🙂
  12. Dunno - might be, although I don't know if ARA uses the application's DP settings.
  13. There are (were?) a handful of plugins that are very unhappy when using DP.
  14. Rhythm and the non-delay'd lead guitar were all recorded via an old POD Pro, with just some Pro Channel and Sonitus EQ, and a touch of Pro Channel PC-76U compressor on the main rhythm track. The heavily delayed lead track was a DI guitar, then into a long Pro Channel chain (PC4K-S compressor, EQ, FX chain* using Project 5/SONAR's Tempo Delay, Satursation Knob, PC-76U compressor) then Sonitus EQ and Overloud TH2 Producer (the one bundled with SONAR Platinum). * I created this FX chain by dragging the tempo delay into the Pro Channel by accident - hit play and heard the crazy delay and thought "yep, that works"! Glad you liked it.
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