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  1. Could it be one of a Grouped control? If you have 2 controls in a group and a custom relationship set up, it's possible to get one to be limited to a maximum of 12, when the other moves up to 127. I don't *think* that's the case here, but it's all I can think of and may be worth digging into.
  2. Fair enough, but it's sometimes not taken into account when comparing DAWs.
  3. Remember that by default (from memory anyway), Reaper runs its look-ahead processing, so not all tracks are "Live" (the equivalent of being able to being IMable in CbB). If you disable that, odds on it'll behave much closer to how the other applications do.
  4. I have a sorry history of major Windows 10 updates - I've never had one work seamlessly and have always had to do it via the Windows10Upgrade path. With 1909 to 2004... I originally had an old nVidia card that wasn't supported (it was also not getting good driver updates and was quite slow), so Windows Update "correctly" wasn't attempted when it was available. I replaced the card with a supported nVidia card and - yay! - Windows Update says it can update to 2004. It failed. And now Windows Update reports the "...Once it's ready for your device, you'll see the update available on this page" message again. Except it *is* available for my device (on paper), but there is seemingly no way of telling Windows Update that this is the case and to try again, so I'd be back to the Windows10Upgrade path, which is a pain to go through. Not that there's anything I want in 2004, but I'd like to not be too far behind on major Windows versions.
  5. Or create a new track, drag copy clips and link them (so they stay in sync with the source). Or use something like Blue Cat's Patchwork
  6. Can I take the 5th? 🙂 "Sometimes as part of workflow, but not regularly and only for some functions"
  7. I'd just really (and have requested this back in the pre-X series days!) the waveform to have the distinct coloured line round the edge like Cubase - it looks so much cleaner to me.
  8. Global folder is set in Preferences\File\Audio Data (not in Preferences\File\Folder Locations). Yes, there's an argument for all folder locations to be set on the same preferences page...
  9. Steve Hillage meets Pink Floyd - nice.
  10. https://www.bing.com/search?q=daw+freeze&form=QBLH&sp=-1&ghc=1&pq=daw+freeze&sc=8-10&qs=n&sk=&cvid=A28D37239611445D808AD5995C408633 "Every supported DAW has a similar feature (typically called Freeze or Track Freezing) that will non-destructively commit all active effects to a new audio file and disable the plug-ins used to process the original track, which will free up additional DSP in the case of UAD plug-ins. Track Freezing is usually an automatic process, whereas soloing a track and bouncing it to a new track will require you to manually mute and disable the plug-ins used on the original track." I'd say Freeze means exactly what Cakewalk says it means!
  11. It's not a bug as such - that's how ND-MIDI editing is supposed to work.
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