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  1. I'm with Erik and have been doing the same for...well, many years now. Having run into huge performance problems caused by real-time scanning at work (not Defender to be honest but an enterprise AV product), I'm glad I have (the product in question caused something like a 500* slowdown on batch image generation from one of my .NET applications making it completely unusable in practice).
  2. A reinstall over the top also usually works (I've had to do it 2 or 3 times with Windows 10.as it seems to have a habit of being unable to do a major upgrade - eg.1903 to 1909 or 20H2 - here). This way no need to reinstall apps, just manufacturer specific drivers, like soundcards.
  3. And if System Restore didn't work as expected, then any ire should probably be directed at Microsoft...they built that!
  4. Each knob can control more than one parameter - that may work for you (eg. One to do both left and right delay mix).
  5. So you can't answer - without examples, this is unhelpful and meaningless.
  6. What exactly do you mean by this? Real examples please.
  7. As long as there are some default (undeleteable!) presets so you don't need to be a RegEx wizard to build your own
  8. To be fair, a "None" for outputs would be exceptionally useful too (I find that a lot of old projects from when I had hardware synths usually point to silly things when I load them into CbB - and quite often, I don't have a MIDI interface switched on, so they all default to a soft-synth...sigh).
  9. I have had BIOSes like that too (my current one is adamant I have 2 SATA controllers because it doesn't cope with an NVMe drive plugged into the M.2 slot and still thinks I might br able to squeeze a SATA drive in there too :-)). Do your Zip/Jaz drives still work without the click of death!?
  10. Humour me...disable the floppy drive (you have a floppy drive in 2021!!??! :-)) in Device Manager, reboot and try again.
  11. Try also unticking "64 bit double precision" setting - I had one plug-in years ago which hated this and fell over badly with it enabled.
  12. Have you got rid of your sink there?
  13. That controls the MIDI velocity of the instrument track, not the audio gain.
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