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  1. The old Project 5 plug-ins (which re-shipped with SONAR) fail if on a mono clip with a DirectX error 🙂
  2. Yeah, there are a handful of plugins which do not like having interleave changed (eg. Acon's Multiply).
  3. Alt-drag splits in this way already if that works for you.
  4. I'd read elsewhere about some Ryzen BIOSes enabling (this is from memory) 10 bit PCIe IDs which cause issues with some devices. See if you have something like that in the BIOS you can change?
  5. The BlueCat free amp sim is remarkably good for something that's free. It loads impulse responses too, and there are a lot of thise available too.
  6. With apologies if I've duplicated any: Dinosaur Jr, Cypress Hill(?), Scissor Sisters(?), Cornershop, Blur, Hole, Blind Melon, Seal, Dead Kennedys, Beach Boys, Madonna, Television.
  7. Actually, you need to use a Pre Fade send to do this (I think), not output. Doable, but a little unwieldy I do agree. That said, clip/track gains did answer the question as asked 🙂
  8. Track or clip gain.
  9. It's not configurable like that (at the moment?) in Cakewalk by Bandlab.
  10. Yeah, you do - it was from memory and I hadn't tested it for years!
  11. Does not CbB already support this for MIDI (Preferences\MIDI - Playback and Recording) - Allow MIDI Recording without an Armed Track?
  12. It comes with CbB - VocalSync (it's a region effect, so at the clip level).
  13. Slightly different approach, but this might achieve what you want in some cases: select both clips, right click and choose "Create Selection Group from Selected Clips". This allows the clips to "stick" to each other as you move/copy them, so you get the benefits of them behaving as a single entity from an arrangement point of view.
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