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  1. Sorry - misread! You can install 32 bit X3 of course if you want to. Like you, I've got some projects that were created in 32 bit SONAR and I want to revisit/complete (ideally in CbB), but some of the plug-ins don't exist in the 64 bit world, so migration doesn't work. What I've been doing is re-opening in 32 bit SONAR, even if some plug-ins are missing, and then replacing just the not-64-bit ones with as close an equivalent as I can (it was reverbs last night). And saving under a different name of course 🙂
  2. What sort of issues? And why can't you keep X3 on the machine (32 bit) and use that to complete old projects?
  3. Have you been updated to Windows 10 build 2004?
  4. Great video - I just wish my CbB behaved like his does (cursor keys and enter don't do that for me). My bad - had missed one vital step 🙂
  5. And while we're at it...replace synth on right click in synth rack!
  6. Ctrl-D duplicates so does the copy and paste grunt work for you.
  7. At least some MOTU ASIO drivers set the MMCSS priority (and don't give you control) so I'd say it's arguable that it's a "misinterepration" if multiple hardware manufacturers do this (I think RME do too, or at least provide an option?).
  8. Thanks for the theme really - it's excellent (despite my couple of whinges :-)). Shout if you want other info.
  9. And I think the following are what I've changed in Preferences: Category: Piano Roll View Beat Rules - 0 128 255 (RGB) Grid Rules - 192 192 192 Major Rules - 0 0 160
  10. I've PM'd you a Dropbox link for the 3 png's.
  11. They should be (I attached the exported png) but I'll pop them on my dropbox anyway for you later. I'll look in Preferences\Colors and see what I've set...it was a long time ago and it may take me some time 🙂
  12. All very well until you want to compress (say) - that becomes trickier (or you do it in a bus/aux track downstream).
  13. I do too...that doesn't mean I can remember the name of it 🙂
  14. And attached are my 3 updated FX images. To "fix" the red issue I see, all I did was change the "Bypassed FX Name" coluur value to be the same as the "FX Name" colour you'd already chosen (C7CDDC). Looks perfect to me now.
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