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  1. I did say "might" 🙂 I know some people move drum samples around by tiny increments to get the "right" sound, so they might notice (or think they do!).
  2. Ah, but phasing might kick in depending on what you have in other tracks.
  3. 668 if you're un the UK 🙂 And I always smirk when I drive past the turnoff to the Devil's Punchbowl and see that the road number is the A333. Surely someone having a bit (half?) of a laugh there...
  4. Close call for me between Seventh Son and Somewhere In Time. Although Number of the Beast could be in the running too. I'm not a fan until Bruce joined.
  5. Kevin Perry

    Stratos 1977

    I like it - it has a hint of Pink Floyd about it too to me (Shine on You Crazy Diamond) with the drone opening. It obviously doesn't stay there, but that doesn't matter - it ends up in a really cool place.
  6. It's an optional download - I've had it installed since the SONAR days so I can't remember how to install it now. I'm sure someone here will...
  7. I'm with you on this one absolutely 😉
  8. I'm with those who say we have tracks/track folders already. Moreover, suppose CbB did support this - how would automation work? You could have the same plug-in in 2 different lanes, and would presumably be able to automate them both - sure, CbB could support it, but it could get messy really quickly - add in the same FX on the track too and you're in envelope confusion hell!
  9. I like the interplay between the Hammond and the guitar solos. I was expecting a little more proggy from the intro, but very pleasing to listen to and well recorded and mixed.
  10. ... https://www.theregister.com/2022/09/13/china_maglev_car_tests/
  11. Thanks everyone. I love Steve Hillage's guitar work, so that's an amazing comparison for me 🙂
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