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  1. You can only access one interface at a time when using ASIO mode (as per ASIO specifications). Untick all the VoiceMeter tick boxes, then you can select the Yamaha.
  2. From memory, ] and [ used to do that. Not sure if they still work. They do :-)
  3. I meant UAC of course not UAT...too much project work in real life!
  4. Or a popup window hidden somewhere waiting for user input?
  5. I'd be inclined (as I have) to put the x86 VST folder in the root of the C drive to avoid badly behaved/written VSTs falling foul of UAT and refusing to work. EDIT: UAC not UAT.
  6. I've been doing this with some old projects: open in CbB, note which plugins don't load, re-open in the last SONAR Platinum (x86), note down 32 bit settings (actually, I usually have the project open in both hosts simultaneously, just am very careful which one I save from!) and listen in isolation then try to recreate in CbB. Tedious but you can get some wins too! Even Microsoft haven't killed 32 bit completely...Windows Media Player 32 bit is still the default media player in 64 bit Windows 10 (and it's a complete pain trying to get the 63 bit version to be the default in its place...I'm not sure it's even possible in recent Windows 10 releases!).
  7. Macrium Reflect is your friend here: image before you do anything so you can go back to square one at any time. And it's free!
  8. Offset set for these tracks (offset mode)?
  9. I copied the authorisation files from an image to try to find out the error code (I didn't note it down at the time) and the old files no longer generate the error. Go figure.
  10. 2020.01 early release first noticed. Then (I guess) 2019.11 on reversion.
  11. Nope. Old PC that's worked until 2(?) days ago. Reauthorisation had no effect. Even restoring from a >2 day old backup put it into unauthorised and unauthorisable mode.
  12. It's still occurring now. UPDATE: Solved by one of the Cakewalk support guys (very quickly too!). I had to delete the existing hidden auth files on my machine for CbB then re-authorise.
  13. Also, ASIO can only support one driver concurrently: disable all uses of ASIO4All in Cakewalk, then you should be able to select the Komplete ASIO driver.
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