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I'm Still Saving Daylight Here


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The idea is to save it up for your entire lifetime. Then, when you meet your final reward (e.g. driving your RV to Arizona), you dump it all out.

I've been there, and can attest that that's what they've been doing. So much of it has been discarded all over the countryside that now nothing can grow there but cactus. Another mess us boomers have left for subsequent generations to clean up. Scattered light.

For myself, I'm doing my part by burying all my saved up light in the backyard. No way those ungrateful kids are getting it. You know they'd just blow it all on one gloomy Northwest December. So the sun sets at 4:00 and it's raining every day? Oh, boo hoo. When I was a kid, before my generation gave you global warming, it snowed every day in Seattle. And we liked it that way.

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