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Bandlab Assistant Update

Jack Stoner

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I know this is not a Cakewalk problem, but didn't see anywhere else to post this.

I have a new Win 10 2004 installation and installed the Bandlab assistant so I could download Cakewalk.  The version I had was outdated as a notice that an updated version was available.  I clicked on update and it started but never completed.   Tried several times, including restarting Win 10 and trying again.    I finally had to go to the Bandlab site and download the assistant and then it installed.   I've had similar update problems in the past on my old DAW system the same way.   


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I suddenly cannot use Bandlab assistant anymore, either.

I read all of their suggestions:

erased all copies, even in temp dir's, reload newest file, failed again; I even did all of their recommended software fixes, to no avail.

everytime i reload it, the new install freezes at one-third progress and sits forever.

I've even repaired (Microsoft C++ Redistributable 2015/2017) . no good either.

rebooting each time as well.

I've been using  Cakewalk, since the 90's ...... I'm not kidding.

I've used Sonar for years, Cakewalk, 9, as well. I can still use Music Creator 6.0.

I'm ticked off now!

Riles !

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