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Feature request: Increase/decrease gain height of clips in all lanes of a track using a modifier key


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This is either a feature request or if I have missed something and someone knows how to do this, I'd love to hear.

When recording (particularly vocal) takes to many lanes for comping, I like to leave some headroom, so often I need to manually drag up the zoom factor to see the clip with a decent waveform height for precise editing. This is easy enough on  the compiled clip to do with take lanes collapsed, but when take lanes are exposed it seems necessary to drag up the zoom factor by the same amount on each individual lane , which is tedious and time consuming.

I have searched for an option where you could drag up the zoom factor of one lane within a clip, and when holding down a modifier key this would drag up the zoom factor of all lanes within the track by the same amount but this doesn't seem to exist.

Furthermore, if you do manually drag the zoom factors 'lane-by' lane' to where you want them, saving, closing then reopening the project appears to revert them to their original zoom state, so dragging up the clip zoom lane by lane needs to be repeated.

Apologies in advance if I have missed something here and there is an existing solution. If not, this would be a helpful feature to have considered for future versions.


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1 hour ago, Lord Tim said:

Yeah, I'll +1 that. I'd love to be able to CTRL+drag on the waveform zoom on one track and it adjust the zoom on every selected track.

Before I answer this not sure which zoom you're referring too. The "clip zoom height factor" or normal track zoom for all tracks (This is possible, but of course, except for lanes.) 

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If you drag up on the waveform height scale (see item C here: https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR X2&language=3&help=EditingAudio.13.html ) you can increase the height of the waveform so you can better see the quiet parts of the audio track to edit breaths, check for clicks and pops, or really quiet material you'd need to process later but is hard to see in its raw form.

Currently you can only do that one track (and indeed one track lane when it's open) at a time. It'd be great to select a bunch of tracks and CTRL+drag on one of them and change the scale on all of them at once.

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25 minutes ago, Lord Tim said:

Currently you can only do that one track 

Oh - clip scaling, yeah, that make sense.

Track zoom is possible, but not scaling. Yep definitely a +1 from me for multiple clip scaling. 

For lanes though, I normally do it on the clip and move the lane down afterwards.  

Yeah. Multiple Clip Scaling would be a great addition. 

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