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Feature request: improve offline Help


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Would it be possible to  connect the Help function to the Cakewalk Reference Guide so that it would work in a way similar to the way offline Help worked in the old Sonar program?  With Sonar, you could click on Help and get a feature that would allow you to search the user's manual by either table of contents, the index, or by key word(s).  Many users prefer to keep their DAW computer offline as much as possible and though I always keep an updated copy of the Reference Guide on my DAW computer, I have to go outside Cakewalk to access it and cannot search for help on a topic as easily as one could have with the old Sonar program.  This would be a great time saver and a very valuable improvement.


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I support your suggestion for offline help to work better.

Having said that I believe forum member @scook maintains an add-on application at his website that binds the offline support feature to the Cakewalk Reference Guide as well as additional features you may find useful.  Hopefully Steve will see this post and chime in with a link.

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My current solution is that I used Steve's program to create a link to the Cakewalk Reference Guide in the Utilities menu.

This addresses the issue of having to switch out of my (possibly fully-maximized) Cakewalk session to access it.

However it doesn't address the issue of context-sensitivity. It would be nice to be able to choose whether we want context-sensitive help to load from the web or the PDF.

Steve Cook's Cakewalk Utilities

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