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Warning: Apocalyptic Space Rock


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A group of exiled humanoids from a distant galaxy are sent to forewarn simple-minded earthlings of the impending doom from the 99942 Asteroid.

Thanks for watching!

Dan Menapace - Bass, Synths, Additional Guitars
Noa Oz - Drums
Chris Olden - Guitars

3D Effects - Jason Dillard

Bandcamp: https://illogistical.bandcamp.com/album/in-progress
Record Label: www.aphagiarecordings.com

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This is what I thought was going to happen in the world of music sometimes in the past. I envisioned going to a club where a large screen on the stage would project these type of images. Live musicians dressed in costumes would perform. That would sort of be something like a modern day version of Alice Cooper. 

This was very fun for me to watch and hear. Better living vicariously through my computer than nothing at all. 

Very artistic music and visuals.





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9 hours ago, kurt soderquist said:

Black Sabbath, kind War Pigs like

This was the vibe I got from this too.  I also found the volume level between the intro and the Bass was a little to much.  Then at the 2:20 mark we get Rogers echoed bass line hum but back to BS around the 3:30 mark.  Recording sounds reasonable here other then the intro level imbalance.

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