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Alesis Nitro Mesh doesn't trigger. Is showing

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Ok, so I solved it.  

I got my Alesis Nitro Mesh to control all my VST drumkits and here-s the guide to how to do it:

1.  Download Midi-OX and verifythat indeed your Alesis Module is sending midi signal and that your computer is in fact recieving it.

2. Open up CbB, and start a new session. 

3. Insert Kontakt (or whichever drum VST you want to use) as "Midi Source".  Load your drumkit and assign a stereo output.   

4.  Set the input on the VST's Midi track to Alesis Nitro and the Outpu to an Alesis Drum Map.  Any Alesis Drum Map. I chose Alesis HR16  just for F* sake. 

5.  Insert an audio track and set it's input to the Kontakt  or VST output 


Image of Step 3 










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Wrong pictures.

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  • Creating an in instrument track
  • Adding a synth with a MIDI track and the First synth Audio output 
  • Adding a synth with a MIDI track and subsequently adding an audio track to complete the routing to the synth

are functionally identical.

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FWIW. I had a recent Alesis drum head that after 6 months was seen , but stopped transmitting data.

I bought another used model off ebay and it had that same problem.

Alesis must know they have a problem, as the problem seems rampant.


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