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Matthew Carr

Crash when adding NI RAUM to Track FX Bin

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Anyone else seeing this - I can't track down what the problem is. I think it maybe something to do with the latest version of  bandlab / windows

When adding Native Instruments effects (Raum, Phasis, Replica etc) to the FX bin, or attempting to edit them in an existing project, I get a complete crash


However, it's not consistent:

-   I I do the same in an new empty project, then it seems I can add the effects to the bin / open the FX UI, no problem. 

 -  When I load an existing project, then opening the UI for the effect,  sometimes it crashes, sometimes it doesn't

Have tried re-installing the effects from Native Access, but no change.

I have one particular project where the crash seems to happen pretty consistently. I copied this project onto my live rig (exact same hardware, but different builds), and haven't been able to get a single crash:

Studio Machine (Crashing):        Windows 10 Pro version 2004, build 19041.508; CbB Version 2020.09, Build 006, 64 Bit

Live Rig (No Crash):                         Windows 10 Pro version 1909, build 18363.836; CbB Version 2020.04, Build 179, 64 Bit

Which makes me think it's something to do with updates to windows or CbB?

I need to bring my live rig up to date, but want to try and iron this out first - Is there a way of installing an older build of Bandlab on my machine that crashes?

Thanks for any advice in advance,




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Cheers All - to give an update I updated my live rig to CbB Version 2020.09, and haven't had the crash relating to Raum / Phasis etc

In  no rush to update the OS on my live rig to check further, but think that proves it's not an issue with build 2020.09

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