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Latest Cakewalk project opens successfully then closes immediately after.



This is my third time asking a question here in the past three days lol. Anyway, the last time I touched my most recent project was late afternoon yesterday. Everything was fine. Today though, when I try to open it, I get the notif on my lower right screen saying that the project opened successfully, then, a second later, the program closes on its own.  Attached is a screenshot of the last thing I see before it closes. No error message or anything.

When I try opening a new project, it works fine and doesn't crash. But I need to continue working on my latest (and first) song. :( Anyone have any insight on how to fix this?

PS If it's worth anything, Windows installed a few updates the night before.


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3 minutes ago, scook said:

There may be a problem with one of the plug-ins.

Safe-mode has an option to skip plug-ins.

Holding down the SHIFT key while opening a project invokes safe-mode.


Alright, I thought this wouldn't work because this is what I also tried earlier with no success. Maybe I did something wrong earlier because I tried it again and it worked! Thanks so much! :) 

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