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No meter movement -- asio audio interface

Randall Petty

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Cakewalk is set up using my interface's asio driver, but I can't get any meters to move.  In Control Panel Sound I can see the meters move for guitar and mic.   Tried setting the first track in Cakewalk to Solo but no indication it's receiving sound.  Doing something similar in Audacity showed monitoring meter movement right off the bat, but Audacity can only use one pair of inputs from the interface.

Roland HS5 session mixer which has two output or playback channels and numerous input channels



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Not sure if you got this working but what I see in your screen shot is you do not have record activated.

You have Solo.

And you don't need input echo on to record.  I never turn it on unless it's a midi track and I'm playing a VST.  With audio it will most likely cause a echo in your monitoring due to system latency.  



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