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BUG: MIDI Track inspector, Chorus & Reverb Dials disappear on Volume remove/hidden

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For full disclosure, I am running Windows 7 64b.

When I select to not show the Volume slider in the MIDI track inspector, the dials for chorus and reverb permanently disappear when scrolled out of view, and do not come back when scrolled back into view. See the image for how to duplicate it (read left to right). Also, I think the inspector has to be docked. From memory, it behaves differently when In a floating window.


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I was curious about this, so I tested a little bit (Windows 10).  On my PC when I reduce the size of my main Cakewalk window so I need to scroll, I find something similar. The mouse-wheel scroll range of the Inspector panel changes based on what display items I have enabled [checked].**  As a result, the right-hand strip doesn't get fully displayed.  Basically, it looks like the upper scroll limit is compromised. It almost seems like the scroll range is not computed correctly.

**Its not just the presence of the volume slider in the left strip; its just more noticeable because of the height of the volume slider.

ADDENDUM: Just floated the Inspector and had the same problem (lack of a full scroll range).

IMAGE: Left shows floating Inspector scrolled down (low end of scroll range); right shows floating Inspector scrolled up (high end of scroll range). 



  • Its not just the volume slider, but possibly the computed scroll range from a combination of display options.
  • It happens on Win 10.
  • It happens with floating windows as well.
  • Display/scroll range is independent of monitor/monitor range.
    • display looks the same on two different monitors with different display resolutions  
      • 1600 x 900
      • 1920 x 1080
    • display scaling = 100%; no accessibility magnification



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(4) added details about monitors; (3) to add a pair of images to illustrate the issue; (2) added comment about floating Inspector; (1) multiple corrections in the interest of clarity
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