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View of more then one Plugin.

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I would love to see more then one Plugin in one moment. I come from SONAR Platinium and since there it is for me a problem. If one Plugin, which is inserted in a Channel, is open and I klick on another Plugin in the same or in a other channel, the opened plugin close and the new Plugin open. I would like, if there the first opened plugin would stay and a second window with the second plugin would be open. Is it possible in coming updates? Have some other the same desire?

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The Staff view respects the global Snap to Grid settings for note positioning when drawing notes.

Is it possible to disable this and do it as it was in previous versions?

UPD Maybe I translated something wrong with the help of Google translator.
I ask you to suggest how to change the spelling of notes in version 26.08 to the previous method (as in version 26.05).





UPD It turns out that I posted this post on the wrong topic. Sorry!

Edited by Vyacheslav

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