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Reaper 5.97 - ARA(2) is finally here


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33 minutes ago, paulo said:

I guess it's the reference to the R word that they don't like.

Yeah, I get it, but it's trivial. When Gibson stopped the production of Sonar, I went in search of another DAW. I first took advantage of the Samplitude deal.  Now Samplitude has some awesome features, like their metering, and the Object editor, which is awesome, but it didn't click with me. I still use it for some things. I bought Reaper and love composing, and recording in it, but when push came to shove, and I got some work composing music for a film, I mixed everything in Cakewalk. I've been using Cakewalk products for over 25 years, and it is what I am the most comfortable working in.  But I've found there is no perfect DAW, and they all offer something a little different. 

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