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I KNEW I had seen Kenny somewhere before!!!


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5 hours ago, S.L.I.P. said:


4 hours ago, craigb said:

Or his luckier bull dog?  🤣

                                                 True Dat !



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On 8/9/2020 at 9:12 AM, S.L.I.P. said:


OMG I come home and you didn't tear up anything . The garbage is still under the sink , my boots are still boots not sandals and there are no bite marks on the wooden furniture .If that ain't enough , you didn't mark your territory and I haven't smelled or found a poop anywhere ...

Who has been a good Doggie ? A very good dog you are .

Come here and let me hug you because you are my Good Dogie Dogie and I love you .....

Oh my, you smell so clean and you taste so good . Did you take a shower ?

Woof woof

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