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Ample Sound Updates and Summer Sale!

Jason Morin

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Ample Sound Updates and Summer Sale!
28th July 2020

www.amplesound.net  has updated their Acoustic Guitar series plug-ins to version 3.2, and Electric Bass series to version 3.1, featuring 4 expansions integration, remade presets and improved compatibility of the VST3 format.

New samples:

-AGM: Merged the pick Expansion (1.9 GB) into AGM v3.2 library (now with Finger, Strum and Pick)
-AGT: Merged the finger Expansion (1.7 GB) into AGT v3.2 library (Finger, Strum and Pick)
-ABP: Merged the pick Expansion (1.6 GB) into ABP v3.1 library (now with Finger and Pick)
-ABJ: Merged the pick Expansion (1.9 GB) into ABJ v3.1 library (now with Finger and Pick)

Users who have those 4 plugins but don't have the expansions need to install the new libraries to get the new samples. Users who have those 4 plugins and expansions don't have to install the new libraries.

New features:

-New Mic modes for Acoustic Guitars (now with Mono, MS1, MS2 and AB 4 mic modes), the Mono and MS2 modes are the same as Mono and Stereo modes in the old versions, MS1 and AB are new modes with the different sounds.
-New Preset manager.
-Remade all of presets.
-Keyboard skins for Electric Basses.
-Clickable articulation buttons.

Bug fixes:

-Fixed VST3 compatibility issue for various DAWs.
-Updated and fixed OpenGL related issues.
-Updated Riffer, fixed multiple bugs (Note length drag issue, various Strummer import issue etc.)
-Updated FX module, fixed issues with visualization.

The update is free of charge, users can get their updates through the MyAmpleSound webpage: https://www.amplesound.net/en/account.asp

Ample Sound is running a Summer Sale until August 29:


-Full bundle (22 plugins) - 64% off.
-Full guitar bundle (13 plugins) - 59% off.
-Full bass bundle (7 plugins) - 52% off.
-Electric guitar bundle (6 plugins) - 50% off.
-Acoustic guitar bundle (5 plugins) - 49% off.
-Metal bundle (3 plugins) - 46% off.
-Electric bass bundle (4 plugins) - 48% off.
-Acoustic bass bundle (2 plugins) - 32% off.
-Single products - 20% off.

Login to your account to see your discounts:



Best regards from www.amplesound.net

Support Team email: service@amplesound.net

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AmpleSoundTech/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AmpleSoundNet
Youtube Madness: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf4X6N ... PMw/videos

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If you already own one of our Virtual Instruments, please login to your account before proceeding to the ''purchase'' page: https://www.amplesound.net/en/purchase.asp

Your discounts are going to be adjusted.

Customer service:  service@amplesound.net

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7 hours ago, JoeGBradford said:

Hi Jason - is there an update for the Luthier classical too?

Answered my own question - went into my account and found a recent update for AGL and a May one for AGSC

Oddly CbB hung in the start screen after updating these but a PC restart solved that. Maybe just coincidence?

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It is definitely worth logging into your account to check other products you own. I had three that have been updated since May that I was not aware of. I suspect there are other May-July updates that I do not own (mine jumped from either v3.0 to v3.1, or v3.1 to v3.2). Also check the OP if you need to download the new library as well to add the pick/finger library if you did not previously own them.

As Jason mentioned above, so be sure to log in while you are looking at things if you already own AS products. The member discount (at the top of the page after logging in) is pretty much in line with the annual holiday sale (possibly better), so I ended up grabbing 3 more instruments while I was in there.

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The update I want is for  Riffer to have a chord changing facility rather than just a transpose.   Say you are in G Major and you want a ii chord, you transpose to A and you get a major rather than minor chord. 

I tried dragging riffs out to Studio 1 so I could use the new keyswitch lane and chord track. This works up to a point, the problem is when the chord changes notes can get moved out of the range of the instrument (strings?).  It Amplesound could introduce chord selection similar to EZ Keys  into Riffer it would be a major step forward. I assume it would not be that easy to implement, but would not be surprised if Toontrack were considering in it for a future instrument.


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Only a few days left for our SUMMER SALE:                              www.amplesound.net



.......... and here's a simple FREE GIVEAWAY  ''just watch'' :






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